Celebrity Monster Cock Guide

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celebrity Monster Cock Guide

Celebrity Monster Cock Guide

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Troy Aikman:  The American former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and TV sportscaster has a monster cock. A camera man reports: "He was hung like a horse, at least 6 or 7 inches, and cut. Troy has an amazing body and very big cock and balls. He was absolutely the best! Great ass, great dick, great nuts." Aikman is considered among the best quarterbacks of all time and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.  Here is a photo of Aikman with his trademark loin cloth on the playing field

Gianni Agnelli:  The Italian industrialist and main shareholder of Fiat had a cock over 10 inches long. There is a nude photo of him on his yacht. One of his many lovers said, "It was bigger soft than most dream of being when hard." He was also a very fashionable dresser, influencing both Italian and international men's clothing with a combination of classic suits and eye-catching personal tricks.

Michael Alstott:  The American former fullback in the NFL has a "beercan" cock, "long and thick". His 12-year career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended in 2007 due to a neck injury. He is regarded as one of the NFL's best power runners, was the leading scorer among non-kickers and holds the Buccaneers' team record for touchdowns.

Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha:  The Prince Consort of Queen Victoria of England had a mammoth cock, "indeed stallion sized". Albert was German, handsome, serious, fathered 9 children, worked for noble causes (anti-slavery, etc.), advanced the royal family's fortune, but did not have a "Prince Albert" piercing.  However, one researcher claims that the prince's cock was pierced and he wore a "Prince Albert".  Furthermore, Queen Victoria was very concerned that Albert's cock bulge was displayed to its best advantage as a long line down his trousers.  After Victoria's death, his "House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha" succeeded the "House of Hanover" on the British throne.

Dana Andrews:  The American actor had a notorious huge thick cock and always displays a prominent bulge in his films. Whenever too much bulge was showing the director would yell "cut!", then try to conceal as much of it as possible. In "A Walk in the Sun" he is obviously freeballing and his bulge is so enormous it's a miracle it got passed the censors. Andrews was elected President of the Screen Actors Guild in 1963 and played Tom Boswell in the the TV soap opera "Bright Promise". He appears in 73 movies, including: "Laura", "Fallen Angel", "The Best Years of Our Lives", "Brainstorm", "Battle of the Bulge" (!), "The Loved One", and "Airport 1975".

Eddy Arnold:  The country music superstar was said to have the biggest, longest, and fattest cock on the prairie--or anywhere else. He had 10 1/2 inches, uncut. Known as the "Tennessee Plowboy", the singer and songwriter had 28 number one hits including "Make the World Go Away", and "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye".

Max Baer:  The American actor, screen writer, producer, and director has a huge cock and is best known for playing Jethro Bodine in the TV comedy "The Beverly Hillbillies". You've probably noticed Jethro's huge bulge in blue jeans. In the early black and white episodes he wore loose trousers and in the end credits you can clearly see the outline of his cock. Suddenly it is covered with "XL", part of "l - XL Furniture". Very clever! Occasionally he wears swimming trunks in the series, and the bulge of his long cock is clearly visible. A nurse at Cedar-Sinai hospital in LA saw Baer's cock several times and reports that he is impressively "huge". She said, "It's all I could talk about when I got home." Baer had a problem with typecasting when "The Beverly Hillbillies" ended. But he wrote and produced "Macon County Line", which was so successful he became as rich as Jed Clampett. Then he wrote, produced, and directed "The Wild McCullochs" and played Culver Robinson. He also made "Ode to Billy Joe" and "Hometown USA". Sometimes he appears on TV and his Beverly Hillbillies theme casino and hotel will soon open in Nevada. He is the son of famous boxer Max Baer, Sr., who was uncut and is on a list of well endowed celebrities.  During his career in the 1930's he was Heavyweight Champion of the World. Later Baer was a referee and occasionally worked in films and TV. 


John Barrowman:  The Scottish American actor, dancer and singer is very well endowed and uncut. It's common knowledge because he talks about it on TV and there are photos on the internet. He is an openly gay "powerbottom" married to Scott Gil. Most of his work is on stage and TV. He is best known for his appearances in the "Doctor Who" series and hosting/presenting TV shows. Barrowman's autobiography "Anything Goes" was published in 2008.

Mikhail Baryshnikov:  The ballet star has a "thick 9 1/2 inches of Russian salami" according to former lovers. He is uncut. Baryshnikov is also a choreographer and actor (stage, TV, and film), probably the most famous contemporary ballet dancer. He has danced on TV and appears in the films "The Turning Point", "White Nights", and 'Dancers".

Jean-Michel Basquiat:  The American artist had an enormous dick. He was naked most of the time and was an exhibitionist. Basquiat was bi and loved big cocks. Andy Warhol said his cock looked like "a baseball bat in his pants". He was a close friend of politician Damian Hockney in the 80's. They were often naked together, and both had giant cocks, soft and hard. Madonna used to date Basquiat, but he made her return his art when they broke up. He started as a graffiti artist then became successful as a Neo-Expressionist. A film biography titled "Basquiat" starring Jeffrey Wright tells his story of living in a cardboard box, being discovered by Andy Warhol's art world, and the high price Basquiat paid for friendship, love, and his death from "speedballing" at age 27.

Warren Beatty:  The actor, producer, screenwriter, and director has an uncut monster cock. It is 10 inches long with a large head. All his lovers swear he is hung like a donkey and a sexual athlete. He takes phone calls during sex, is "distant", and always changes positions "so you never know what is coming next". Madonna said, "I haven't measured it, but it's a perfectly wonderful size." His films include "Bonnie and Clyde", "The Parallax View", "Shampoo", "Reds", "Bugsy", and "Dick Tracy".

David Robert Joseph Beckham:  England's top football player who plays for Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy. He is also an established member of the England national team. Beckham was born May 2, 1975 and is married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham who has long bragged about Beckham’s giant “goalkeeper". “He is very much in proportion,” she said of the 6 foot athlete. “He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!” She is referring to the Giorgio Armani’s ad campaign with Beckham wearing nothing but a tiny pair of shorts threatening to burst open at the seams. The couple have three sons and currently reside in Beverly Hills, California. Twice runner-up for FIFA World Player of the Year and in 2004 the world's highest-paid footballer, Beckham was the first British footballer to play 100 Champions League matches. With global recognition he has become an elite advertising brand and a top fashion icon. Beckham was captain of England from 15 November 2000 until the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals, during which he played 58 times. Since then he has continued to represent his country and earned his much-publicised hundredth cap for England against France on 26 March 2008. He is currently England's most-capped outfield player with 115 appearances.

Andrew "Drew" Bennett:  The America football player for the St. Louis Rams has a "fucking huge hose, one of the biggest around", according to a teammate. "HUGE", says a locker room witness. In 2007 he signed a 6-year contract worth $30 million. For every touchdown he scores, Drew donates $1,000 to the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Robby Benson:  The American former teen idol, film and TV actor, and director has a cock 9 inches long. He appears in "Lucky Lady", "One on One", "Ice Castles", "The Chosen", and other films. Benson has taught at 3 universities.

Milton Berle:  Comedian "Uncle Miltie" aka "The King Cock of Hollywood" had a monster cock, which he said measured 13 1/2 inches long. Milton Berle had the biggest cock in show biz (Forrest Tucker was his only competition). Countless celebrities saw his cock, so there is no question about it. He called his legendary monster "my pride and joy" and enjoyed showing it off, sometimes by inviting men to join him in a piss.

(Mendel Berlinger)
July 12, 1908 – March 27, 2002

* His friend comedian George Burns belonged to the same Hollywood club, and his locker was next to Berle's. Burns said things such as: "Milton Berle is the only man who could get a standing ovation for taking a shower." He also wrote: "Milton went out with everybody from silent film stars to Marilyn Monroe. You'll notice I use the phrase 'went out', but that's not exactly what I mean, because I do a clean act. Think of a train going into a tunnel. And based on Milton's reputation, this train was so popular with the passengers that he couldn't keep it in the station."

* Phil Silvers, another club member, encountered Milton Berle in the rest room. As he stood next to him at the urinal, he looked over and said: "You better feed that thing, otherwise it's likely to turn on you."

* According to actor Dick Shawn: "I didn't have my glasses on when Milton Berle stepped into the steam room and opened his robe up. It looked like he had a small child hiding between his legs, until I put my glasses on and found out it was his cock."

* At the Hollywood club one day Milton Berle and his rival Forrest Tucker were there, and men started betting money on who had the biggest cock. Milton said: "No way, this is silly. I've been through this before. We're all men here." Jackie Gleason said: "Aw, come on Milton, just take out enough to win."

* One day Joey Bishop went to Milton's dressing room and said, "All my life in New York and Philadelphia I have been hearing about your cock. I gotta see it. Show it to me, please, Milton."  Always the gentleman and exhibitionist, Milton whipped it out.

* Saturday Night Live writer Alan Zweibel recalled: I learned early on that he was the guy with the big dick, the biggest in show business. So I started writing big dick jokes about him. Now fast-forward a few years and I'm in Milton Berle's dressing room at Saturday Night Live. He's sitting on a couch behind a coffee table and he's wearing a very short kind of bathrobe. Somehow I just say to him: "You know, it's so weird that I'm here talking to you, because for years I was writing jokes about your dick." He says to me: "You mean you never saw it?" I said: "Uh, no, I don't believe I did." Then he said: "Well, would you like to?" And before I had a chance to say whatever, he parts his bathrobe and he just takes out this--this anaconda. He lays it on the table and I'm looking into this thing, right? I'm looking into the head of Milton Berle's dick. It was enormous. It was like a pepperoni. And he goes: "What do you think of the boy?" And I'm looking right at it and I go: "Oh, it's really, really nice." At which point Gilda Radner opens the door to the dressing room, and this honestly happened! She opens the door to his dressing room just in time to see me looking into his dick saying: "Yeah, it's really, really nice." I tell Milton: "I'll talk to you later", closed the door, and left...

* According to Marilyn Monroe, Milton Berle had the biggest cock she had ever seen and was her best lover. She told her masseur they had sex in his car only moments after meeting and she became addicted. They had sex as often as they could. A huge dick helped her orgasm better. Milton in an interview recalled a time when they had sex at a party in the kitchen, when the hosts came in to serve dessert.

* His son wrote a biography of him a few years ago, and confirmed that he did have a monster cock and that it did not run in the family.

* Now that comedian Milton Berle has passed away, his biographers are curious about the whereabouts of his biggest family heirloom: a plaster mold of his penis. Bradley Lewis, who co-wrote the 1999 tell-all biography, "My Father, Uncle Miltie" says the comedian kept a plaster cast of his manhood in the attic of his home. The cast was made by staff members who broke in on Berle when he was having sex in his dressing room back in the 1950's. Uncle Miltie was reportedly very proud of the foot-long sculpture, but its current whereabouts are unknown.

* Milton Berle started in films as a child, became a comedian, was popular on radio, then became "Mr. Television"--the first major star of TV in the 1950's. His real name was Mendel Berlinger. He appears in 34 films, including "Li'l Abner", "The Bellboy", "Let's Make Love", "The Loved One", "Pee-wee's Big Adventure", "Cracking Up", and "Storybook".

* There are some nude photos of Milton Berle and photos of his cock, but they are not his.  All of them are uncut, but Milton Berle was Jewish.

Corbin Bernsen:  The American actor has a monster cock. A reliable witness used to see him shower and he "had a good 9 or 10 inches SOFT. It was disturbingly large while soft. Hopefully he wasn't a grower." Bernsen is best known as Arnold Becker in TV's "L.A. Law". He has appeared in many TV shows and starred in the horror films "The Dentist" and "The Dentist 2". His next horror film "Dead Air" will also be directed and produced by Bernsen.

Orlando Bloom:  The English actor has a thick 9 inch cut cock. He has played elf-prince Legolas in "Lord of the Rings 2", Will Turner in "The Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, and starred in "Troy", "Elizabethtown", and "Kingdom of Heaven". Bloom has a tattoo of the Elvish word "nine" on his right wrist and a sun tattoo on his lower left abdomen. You don't suppose the "9" tattoo refers to his 9 inch cock?

Boffo:  The head of security for Led Zeppelin's live tours has a monster cock. He can hang 4 large beer mugs on his dick! Boffo said he was born huge, but while in prison enlarged his cock with strenuous stretching exercises.

Humphrey Bogart:  The great actor had a "long, pendulous cock" well over 8 inches long. In 1999 the American Film Institute named him the "Greatest Male Star of All Time". He appears in 75 feature movies and won an Oscar for "The African Queen". Bogart hated phonies, was a wonderful human being, and single-handedly created the morally ambiguous "anti-hero" in films.

Michael Bolton:  The American singer-songwriter has a huge cock. An Entertainer Tonight insider explained, "Once you get past his sub par looks and love ballads, you're left with a man that has a surprisingly large penis. It's really quite phenomenal." Another witness says, "Running down his long thin leg was an equally long thin highly visible penis." Bolton's achievements include 53 million albums sold, 8 top ten albums, 2 number one singles and many awards. He appears in 3 films, including "Dune".

Daniel Boone:  He was an American pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman who died September 26, 1820.  His frontier exploits made him one of the first folk heroes of the United States.  Boone is most famous for his exploration and settlement of what is now Kentucky, and also for his uncut monster cock that was supposedly over 13 inches long.  He sometimes displayed his monster cock at fairs on the carnival circuit for a few minutes of gawking time for a large sum of money.  It was socially acceptable then.  Boone was 13+ inches and uncut according to old carnival ads.  At the 1780 Independence Festival he and his two equally hung grown sons used their cocks to raise money for supplies for a 1782 property take-back and fortified camp construction. Their side-by-side appearance was advertised in an article in a government-sponsored newspaper.  Boone loved the forested wilderness and was not a fan of crowds and civilization, but he did exhibit his monster cock occasionally to raise quick cash for property and supplies.  For the Fess Parker "Daniel Boone" TV series (1964 - 1970), the lyrics of the theme song include "Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a BIG man".  The tune does seem to indicate he was very well endowed.

Richard Boone:  The actor who played Paladin in the TV series "Have Gun--Will Travel" had a huge cock. It is often clearly visible hanging down his left leg. He plays a sophisticated gentleman who lives in San Francisco, but earns his living as a hired top rate gunman.  At the beginning of each show he is in San Francisco and usually dressed in a white suit.  This is when you can see the best crotch bulges.  In most of each episode he wears only black, which is ironic considering his impressive integrity.  But the black trousers make it difficult to see his bulging cock.  His Paladin character is quite charming and interesting.  Boone appears in over 50 films, including "The Robe", "Dragnet", "Ocean's 11", "The Alamo", and "The Big Sleep".

David Boreanaz:  The handsome American film and TV actor has a monster cock. He is said to be a cock proud exhibitionist who likes to drop his trousers and display his cock on TV and movie sets. One reliable witness reports, "HUGE, hung like a donkey, big hairy balls. And likes to show it off!" Boreanaz is best known for playing Angel in the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Barry Bostwick:  The actor and singer has a thick 9 inch cock. He is best known for playing Brad Majors in the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and mayor Randall Winston in the TV sitcom "Spin City". About half an hour into "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Brad has his clothing removed and the buldge in this underwear is enormous. Bostwick has had considerable fame in musical theater.


Tom Brokaw:  The American TV journalist and author has a cock that is 7 inches long SOFT. A reliable source said, "I estimate his broadcast abilities to be a 9+." He is best known as the former anchor and managing editor of "NBC Nightly News".

Jim Brown:  The American football player and actor has a cock 9 inches long and 8 inches around. He is considered the best running back of all time, and is also a social activist.

Dustin Brown:  The American hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings has a "massive cock", "hung like a horse". There is a video of it on the internet. In 2007 Brown signed a 6-year contract for $19,050,000. Pretty good for a handsome 23 year-old Left Wing who shoots right, and is known as an offensively gifted forward.

Lord George Gordon Byron:  The great English poet had sex with women, his half-sister, and boys. When his casket was exhumed in 1938, his body was remarkably well preserved. One observer remarked that, "his sexual organ showed quite abnormal development." Byron was uncut, and in his long satiric poem "Don Juan" he wrote:
'T would greatly tend to better their condition,
If they would condescend to circumcision...
"Will it?" said Juan, sharply: "Strike me dead,
But they as soon shall circumcise my head!"
Byron's memoirs were burned. He is considered the first modern celebrity, his self-promotion created "Byromania", and was described as "mad, bad, and dangerous to know".

Michael Caine:  The famous film actor has an uncut cock over 8 inches long. A reliable source stated that he "is also known to be a talented lover hung in the 8 inch range." He has made over 100 movies and is one of the few actors to win all 4 major motion picture acting awards. His real name is Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Jr. and he won Oscars for "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "The Cider House Rules".

Phil Carney:  The brother of actor Art Carney has a cock over 8 inches long SOFT! His brother was probably well endowed. Art Carney was an Oscar-winning American actor in film, stage, radio, and TV best known for playing Ed Norton in TV's 'The Honeymooners'.

John Carradine:  The Hollywood actor had a monster cock and six sons:  David, Bruce, Michael (Bowen), Christopher, Keith and Robert.  Keith took after his father with his 10 inch cock, and probably some of the others were also well hung.  John appeared in countless movies, both big budget and low budget films.  Eventually he was mostly interested in serious acting in stage productions of Shakespeare's plays, and made movies just for the money – movies such as "Billy the Kid Versus Dracula".  In Woody Allen's movie "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex", John Carradine plays mad sex scientist Dr. Bernardo, who says "All men should have a 19 inch cock."  At the beginning of the film "Myra Breckinridge", Carradine plays a sex change surgeon, and just before the operation he advises Myra (Rex Reed) not to have his cock removed, but to have a circumcision instead.  Some of his other movies include: "House of Dracula", "House of Frankenstein", "Monster in the Closet", "Peggy Sue Got Married", "The Vampire Hookers", "The Ten Commandments", "Hound of the Baskervilles", "Bluebeard", "The Mummy's Ghost", "Court Jester", "Captain Kidd", "Mary of Scotland", and "The Egyptian".  In the 1941 film "Blood and Sand" Carradine plays a matador with a very impressive crotch bulge.  None of the other matadors have any bulge at all.  That's because any bulge they had was taped and did not show.  This was common film practice.  For example, Judy Garland had her tits taped for "The Wizard of Oz" to make her look like a titless little girl.  Frank Sinatra's butler of many years, George Jacobs, in his book "Mr S.", claims that Sinatra's cock was so large he had to tie it to his leg whenever he went out.  Obviously the very dignified John Carradine had his cock taped for "Blood and Sand", but it was so large that it is still very visible on screen.
                                                                                       John Carradine in "Billy the Kid Versus Dracula" (1966)


 John Carradine in "Blood and Sand" (1941) showing his crotch bulge. There are better scenes showing it.  Click the bottom right for Full Screen.

                                                                                               John Carradine gets groped in "Monsoon" (1943)
Keith Carradine:  The actor and songwriter has a "pendulous 10 inch cock with a decided downward curve". He is the son of actor John Carradine, and has 5 brothers: David, Bruce, Michael (Bowen), Christopher, and Robert. There must be more monster cocks in the family.  His father, John Carradine, has a monster cock and you can see his big crotch bulge in the film "Blood and Sand".  Keith Carradine has appeared in countless TV shows and Hollywood movies, such as "Nashville", "Falcons", "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", "Andre", and "The Ties That Bind". He won an Oscar for his song "I'm Easy". His father John has appeared in far too many movies to list, although Keith has appeared in almost as many.

Jim Carrey:  The Hollywood star is said to have a cock that rivals Milton Berle's, a rumor he has never denied. There is a black and white photo all over the internet of a young Carrey and his horse cock. It certainly looks real, but whether it is authentic is difficult to say nowadays. There is another one boldly labelled "Honestly Fake" with a large upcurved cock. His ex-wife Lauren Holly said in an interview to Howard Stern that he is a little over two handfuls. Carrey is famous for his manic slapstick comedy films such as "Ace Ventura", "The Mask", "Dumb and Dumber", and "The Cable Guy". He has also had critical success with dramatic roles such as "The Truman Show", "Man on the Moon", and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".

Carrot Top:  The American comedian with a mop of curly red hair has a monster cock. Howard Stern interviews and many internet entries indicate he is "massive", "hung", over 8 inches long SOFT, uncut, with "triangle shaved pubes". He is very gay and hangs out in gay bars, bath houses, and gyms. His real name is Scott Thompson and the muscular Las Vegas entertainer has made hundreds of college and TV appearances. His 1998 film "Chairman of the Board" was a critical and box-office flop, costing 10 million to produce, but earning only $306,710.

Jack Casady:  The bass player with rock band "Jefferson Airplane" has a monster cock according to several sources, including singer Grace Slick, who was invited to join the group by Jack. Slick also mentions in her autobiography that she fucked Jim Morrison of the Doors, and his cock was big: "Jim Morrison was a well-built boy, larger than average, and young enough to maintain the engorged silent connection right through the residue of chemicals." ...but I digress. Casady is considered one of the foremost bass players in rock.

Neal Cassady:  The hero of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" had a monster cock, described in the book. An icon of the "Beat Generation", called Dean Moriarty and Cody Pomeray in Kerouac's books, he helped the author develop his own style. Cassady also appears in Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels" and Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test". He had a sexual relationship with poet Allen Ginsberg that lasted 20 years, and is mentioned in "Howl". "Neal Cassady was my animal," Ginsberg wrote in "Many Loves," "he brought me to my knees and taught me the love of his cock and the secrets of his mind." Neal Cassady wrote an autobiography.

David Cassidy:  The half-brother of Shaun, of TV's "Partridge Family" fame, is very well endowed and mentions in his autobiography that he is the biggest of the brothers, so they nicknamed him "Dong". The American singer, guitarist, and actor has 3 half-brothers and has sold over 25 million records.

Jack Cassidy:  The American TV, stage, and film actor, father of Shaun, Ryan, and Patrick Cassidy, had a huge cock. His step-son David wrote about Jack's bisexuality in his autobiography.

Shaun Cassidy:  The actor, singer, writer, and producer has a monster cock. Big dicks run in his family, including father Jack and brother David. One of Shaun's lovers estimated his cock to be 9 1/2 inches long and 8 inches around.

Maxwell Caulfield:  The Hollywood actor, born in Scotland, has a 10 inch uncut cock. He plays Michael Carrington in the film "Grease 2", Col. Strong Vincent in "Gettysburg', Rex Manning in "Empire Records", plus other roles in movies, TV, and on stage.

Dick Cavett:  According to Janis Joplin, the talk show host has "a much bigger cock and is a better lay than Joe Namath." His conversational style and in-depth discussion of issues made him a popular TV host for 5 consecutive decades.

Wilt Chamberlain:  The basketball legend had a 12 inch cock according to several reliable sources. He proudly enjoyed displaying his monster to interested females and was capable of multiple orgasms. He claimed to have had sex with over 20,000 women and told Howard Stern that his dick was so big that he required specially made condoms. Chamberlain holds numerous NBA all-time records and hated his nickname 'Wilt the Stilt'. He was 7 foot 1 inch tall. His other nickname was "Big Dipper" which suited him.

Charlie Chaplin:  The greatest silent film comic had a 12 inch uncut cock. He called it the "Eighth wonder of the world". Chaplin actually performs a monster cock comedy scene in "The Great Dictator", his first "talkie" film. He plays Adenoid Hynkel of Tomania (Hitler). The bulge in his trousers becomes increasingly monstrous in size as his rhetoric becomes increasingly hysterical during a speech to a large crowd. It's hilarious! However, this obscene clip has been edited out from the scene on DVD.  It's still on film and VHS, and a clip showing the monster buldge is shown below.  It is quite possible that the enormous crotch bulge in this clip is the actual outline of Chaplin's real cock, because it matches his own description of it, and I have seen cocks this size.  Porn star Tony Duncan's dick may be larger than this.  Charlie Chaplin was an international superstar comedian who was star, writer, director, and producer of his own pictures made by his own film company, United Artists.  No other studio could afford him.  He is most famous for his "Little Tramp" character in silent films.  His movies include "The Tramp", "The Gold Rush", "City Lights", Modern Times", and "Monsieur Verdoux".  He was married four times, usually to barely legal young girls.  One wonders why a man with a monster cock was attracted to teenage girls. It was one of the many things that made his personal and public lives controversial and stormy.

                                       Charlie Chaplin's comedy crotch bulge from "The Great Dictator"
                                                                        Click bottom right for full screen
                                                                        Keep mouse arrow below screen
                                                                        Turn up Sound
                                                                        "Esc" to return

Charles II:  The King of England from 1660 to 1685 had a very huge cock. His friends called him "Old Rowley", the name of his horse--because his cock was supposedly the same size. He was uncut, like every King of England before Edward VII. King Charles lived in a difficult period of history because England was a republic headed by Oliver Cromwell before his reign. Plus he had to deal with the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire of London. He had no legitimate heir, only 12 bastards by 7 mistresses.

Adam Clayton:  Rock star "U2" bass player Clayton has a cock so huge that an album cover had to be redesigned to cover up the bulge of his endowment. Also the sleeve for U2's "Achtung Baby" album consists of a montage of 16 images and one is a naked photo of Adam Clayton.  His relaxed playing style has been influenced by many others, and he had no formal training when he joined U2. He has a playboy lifestyle and loves marijuana and alcohol.

Mathew "Matt" Clement:  The Major League Baseball pitcher is hung like a horse. A friend who grew up with him said, "That huge cock on that man makes him look deformed...I also heard that he liked to get his cock sucked, but I never seen that happen and his cock is way too big for any of my holes." Locker room attendants confirm he has the biggest on the team. He is said to be bi, but very discreet to protect his career. Clement was struck in the head by a ball in 2007, but had surgery and recovered. He bats and throws right-handed, and in 2008 switched from the Boston Red Sox to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Steve Cochran:  The Hollywood actor had a very thick cock that was at least 12 inches long. In the book "Crime Wave" it is claimed he was exactly 12.4 inches when hard. Mae West wrote, "Talk about an appropriate last name. He should have spelled Cochran with a K." West shared Cochran with Mamie Van Doren, who wrote: "Steve Cochran was the most enormous man I ever knew. Steve explained that whenever he was called to service Mae, he had to show up with a recent (and negative) test for venereal disease." In "Dallas" (with Gary Cooper) his bulge is thicker than a coke can, and in "The Lion and the Horse" he also has an impressive bulge. He had well-documented affairs with many movie stars and married 3 times. Steve appeared in Broadway plays, countless films such as "A Song is Born" and "White Heat', plus TV appearances on "Bonanza", "The Twilight Zone", and others. Morrissey of the rock band "The Smiths" is named after him.

Dennis Cole:  The American TV actor in the 60's and 70's, a masculine blond, has a 9 inch cock. Before acting he was a model for men's physique magazines and now works in Real Estate in Florida. His roles for TV shows include "Felony Squad", "Love Boat", "Charlie's Angels", "Three's Company", and he played Lance Prentiss on "The Young and the Restless".

Sean Connery:  The 007 actor is "splendidly hung". You can see it clearly in an early bodybuilding photo, posing in a skimpy bathing suit so revealing you can tell that Sean is uncut. He modeled nude for art classes, and one student said, "In fact, he was the biggest I'd ever seen." Another student said, "It made me drop my charcoal pencil." In some of his earlier 007 movies you can see a nice thick dick hanging down Connery's left leg. His naked ass is in "The Man Who Would be King". In "Zardoz" Connery spends most of the movie wearing nothing but a skimpy red loin cloth designed to show off his huge bulge.  He walks through a gallery of nude classical marble sculptures, and they all have cocks much smaller than Connery.  In one scene in front of a large audience he is tested to determine what gives him an erection.  Connery lost his virginity at age 8.

                                                                                                                                  Sean Connery 1953

Anderson Cooper:  The American journalist, author, and television personality is the primary anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°. The program is normally broadcast live from a New York City studio, although Cooper often broadcasts live on location for breaking news stories.  In September 2011 he began as host of his own syndicated daytime talk show "Anderson Live", which lasted two seasons.  Cooper was born in NYC and has a large cock.  In 2012 he came out publicly as gay. He said, "The fact is, I'm gay.  Whether it's bullying based on sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, I relate a lot to some of these kids and what they're going through. Nobody's just a bully or a victim."

Gary Cooper:  The actor was hung like a horse. According to Clara Bow, "The Montana mule" had "the biggest cock in Hollywood, but doesn't have the ass to drive it." Cary Grant said of him, "Imagine how horrible it would be to have a tool that big, too big to use for anything." Tallulah Bankhead, when asked why she was moving to Hollywood, replied, "To fuck that divine Gary Cooper." He was bi, fucked size queen Mae West, and Noel Coward wrote the song "Mad about the Boy" for him. Cooper appears in countless Hollywood movies and won Oscars for "Sergeant York" and "High Noon".

Noel Coward:  The English actor, playwright, and composer of popular music was "hung like a Clydesdale Stallion", according to one of his lovers. He was homosexual, but refused to acknowledge it, saying, "There is still a woman in Paddington Sqare who wants to marry me, and I don't want to disappoint her." Coward had a 19-year sexual relationship with Prince George, Duke of Kent. He did not like penetrative sex and had contempt for the modern gay scene. As well as over 50 plays and 16 musicals, Coward wrote revues, poetry, short stories, a novel and an autobiography. He worked on 18 films, appearing in "The Scoundrel", "Boom", "The Italian Job", and others.

Daniel Craig:  The 007 actor supposedly has an uncut monster cock, although internet photos are disappointing, probably fake. Judi Dench, who plays "M" in the James Bond movie told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "It's an absolute monster! Maybe I shouldn't have said that. How uncouth of me!" Dench noticed his dick when he was getting dressed in an adjacent trailer. In "Casino Royale" Craig gets naked in bed, on a yacht, and when he goes skinny dipping.

Davy Crockett:  David Crockett (1786 – 1836) was a 19th century American frontiersman, soldier, politician and folk hero.  He is commonly known as the "King of the Wild Frontier".  He represented Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives, served in the Texas Revolution, and died at the Battle of the Alamo.  Crocket was gay and supposedly had an uncut monster cock 12.5" long.  He sometimes made money by exhibiting his cock on the carnival and festival circuits.

Eric Crouch:  The American football quarterback has a "nice, long, thick jock dick" according to a sports broadcasting production assistant. Crouch is a member of Team Texas, won the Heisman Trophy and was the "USA Today" Nebraska Player of the Year.

Warren Cuccurullo:  The American rock guitarist has a cock 9 inches long and 6 inches around. There are internet photos and a video to prove his endowment, and he is obviously an exhibitionist. When the Brazilian magazine "G" wanted to publish his nude pics, he said, "Let's do it right" and posed for new photos for the December 2000 issue. Warren played with Frank Zappa and is a member of Duran Duran.

Willem Dafoe:  The American actor has a 9 inch uncut cock. In all his films you can see a huge bulge, but he tends to wear a lot of dark colored pants in his films. The best bulge shots are in his movie he did with Gregory Hines called "Off Limits". Director Lars Von Trier said that Dafoe's cock had a "stand in" for the film "Antichrist": "He has an enormous dick, extremely well-equipped. And we had to kind of take the scenes out of the film, because Will's own was too big. Everybody got very confused when they saw it." Friends say he named his cock "White Snake" and a reliable source said, "Dafoe is as hung as he is talented."  Willem is a high school nickname for William J. Dafoe.

 Lest There be Any Doubt About Willem Dafoe:  https://vimeo.com/49333930https://vimeo.com/49333930

John Daly:  The chubby American professional golfer has a thick cock 10 inches long. He is known as "Long John" for his golfing style and has a "rough and tumble" personal life. You don't suppose golf enthusiasts call him "Long John" because they know he has a long cock?

James Darren:  The American actor, director, and singer has a thick 9 inch cock. He starred in the TV sci-fi series "Time Tunnel" and other shows. Darren plays Moondoggie in 3 "Gidget" movies, Johnny Rico in "The Brothers Rico", and roles in "The Gene Krupa Story", "The Guns of Navarone", and "For Those Who Think Young". His biggest hit song was "Goodbye Cruel World".

Pat Daugherty:  The original bass player for the American rock band named Black Oak Arkansas has a monster cock. The group made 17 albums, but were more popular as a live act in the 1970's. All band members loved showing off their impressive crotch bulges. Raspy voiced lead singer Big Jim Dandy always wore skin tight trousers to show off his equipment and was a great frontman with his antics. David Lee Roth ripped off his image and onstage persona. However, Pat Daughety had the biggest cock in the band by far, which was often erect on stage. One size queen agent who was obsessed with Basquiat and Hockney's monster dicks, "raved on and on about Daugherty all the time".

Dustin Diamond:  The American actor, musician and comedian said on the Howard Stern show that he has a fairly thick 10 inch cock and complained that it is a "curse". He mentioned his "bloody" first fuck with a virgin, it flops in the toilet water, and condoms don't fit. His wife loves anal sex. Diamond is best known as nerdy Samuel "Screech" Powers on the TV show "Saved by the Bell".

John Dillinger:  The 1930's American bank robber (Public Enemy # 1) had a cock that was 12 inches long. Some say 18 inches! FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover preserved the cock in formaldehyde in a jar, and later it was given to the Smithsonian Institute. Many idolized him as a Robin Hood hero and he is popular in literature. Loyal fans still observe "John Dillinger Day" (July 22) and there is a "John Dillinger Died for You Society".

Steve Duchesne:  The former hockey defencemen for various NHL teams is "hung like a Louisville Slugger" (baseball bat) according to several sources. There is an athlete's groupie website, and he is said to have a very big cock. With the Detroit Red Wings he won a Stanley Cup in his final season, 2001–02.

Kenne Duncan:  The B actor who eventually appears in films by Ed Wood Jr. was extremely well endowed. He was also a nudist and an exhibitionist, so there were countless witnesses in Hollywood to verify that he had a monster cock. One colleague was astonished by his enormous cock when he opened his front door completely nude. He wrote, "Not all men are created equal!" Duncan appears in: "Powder River Gunfire", "Rio Grande Raiders", "The Sinister Urge", "Cyclotrode X", "Dynamite Canyon", "Make-Up", "Flesh and the Spur", and other films.  He was a B movie villain and an expert trick gun shooter in crime and cowboy movies. Starting in 1933, he hit his stride in the 1940's, when he was under contract to Republic Pictures. Duncan sneered and skulked his way through scores of westerns and serials, usually as the raffish aide-de-camp of the principal heavy (as in the 1941 serial "The Adventures of Captain Marvel"). When Republic slowed down production in the mid-1950's, Duncan reluctantly found himself in the circle of Hollywood "fringies" who populated the films of immortal bad-movie maven Ed Wood Jr. One of Kenne Duncan's final screen appearances was as phoney mystic and erstwhile vampire Dr. Acula in Wood's "Night of the Ghouls".

Ron Ely:  The American actor and novelist has a cock over 9 inches long. He is most famous for playing Tarzan in the NBC series "Tarzan", but also starred in "Doc Savage" and appears in "South Pacific". Ely started out nude modeling for European gay magazines.

Rupert Everett:  The English actor and ex-singer has a very large cut cock. He is gay and one of his cocksuckers broke a tooth on Rupert's cock ring. When later informed about the incident at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Rupert looked very serious and said,"How amusing", then walked off. In a radio show with Jonathan Ross, Everett described his heterosexual affairs as: "I was basically adventurous, I think I wanted to try everything." He has appeared often on TV and in 30 movies, including "Shakespeare in Love, "Inspector Gadget", "The Importance of Being Earnest", "Stardust", and "The Madness of King George".

Jonah Cardeli Falcon:  The American actor, writer, and talk show host who was born July 29, 1970 is a bisexual from Brooklyn, NY who holds the record for the world's largest cock. He is 5' 9" tall. Rolling Stone magazine did a feature story on him in June 2003 and reports Falcon's uncut cock is 9 ½ inches (24 cm) long when flaccid and 13 ½ inches (34 cm) long when hard. Falcon became famous after appearing in the 1999 HBO documentary "Private Dicks: Men Exposed" in which nude men are interviewed about their cocks. In early 2006 he appeared in the documentary "The World's Biggest Penis" by UK Channel 4. His monster cock also made a few appearances on the Howard Stern radio show. Falcon appeared on The Daily Show on March 2, 2010 and stated that he can completely cover a doorknob with his foreskin. The interviewer tried to convince Jonah to enter the porn industry. Falcon refused and said it would be "just the easy way out. It's not going to help my legit acting career. Nobody would take me seriously. Nobody."  Falcon's monster cock has been somewhat of a curse for him, because he said, "'When I meet people they find it hard to look me in the eye, they just see what's in my trousers.  It's become a real problem.  When I was younger I went out in tight pants and would sleep with a different person every night, but I became burned out and disillusioned. My last relationship ended in 1996. Now I just want to find a steady girlfriend who doesn't think I'm a freak show."  On July 9, 2012 Jonah Falcon was stopped and frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport because of a bulging package hidden in his pants. But the 41-year-old New Yorker wasn't packing a  bomb, drugs or anything illegal. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Falcon described his hard times with security guards after his extra carry-on became suspect.  "I had my 'stuff' strapped to the left. I wasn't erect at the time," said Falcon, whose penis is 9.5 inches flaccid, 13.5 inches erect. "One of the guards asked if my pockets were empty and I said, 'Yes.'"  Falcon knew that his interview was about to get a lot more personal when he was led through one of the X-ray body scanners and passed a metal detector. "Another guard stopped me and asked me if I had some sort of growth," Falcon said, laughing.  He appeared in a show on TLC called "Strange Sex" in an episode titled "Size Matters & Gender Benders". His other work is strictly mainstream: NBC's sitcom "Ed" (3 episodes), Fox's "Melrose Place" (3 episodes), "Law & Order", "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (3 episodes), HBO's "The Sopranos", "Sex and the City", "Madigan Men", "A Beautiful Mind", "The Good Shepherd", "Death to Smoochy", "Eddie", "Yanky Panky", and "Just My Luck". Falcon hosts "Talkin' Yankees", an hour-long cable TV call-in show for baseball fans.

Michael Fassbender:  The German-Irish actor has a very large uncut cock. He is best known for his roles in  the films "Inglourious Basterds", "X-Men: First Class", "Prometheus", "Fish Tank", "Jane Eyre", and "A Dangerous Method". Fassbender is completely naked in "Shame" and "Hunger". George Clooney complimented him at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards by joking that Michael could play golf with his hands behind his back. Michael's "Prometheus" co-star Charlize Theron quipped, "Your penis was a revelation. I'm available to work with it any time."

Brett Favre:  The American starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers football team has "a fucking horsecock". He is the only three-time AP MVP in NFL history and led the Packers to two Super Bowl victories. His records include: most NFL touchdown passes, most career NFL passing yards, most career pass completions, most career pass attempts, most career NFL interceptions thrown, most consecutive starts among NFL quarterbacks, and most career victories as a starting quarterback.

Colin Firth:  The English film, stage, and TV actor has a thick 10 inch cock. One report: "I understand British star Colin Firth is hung like a horse. I know a guy who has worked with him who swears Firth's is absolutely huge--quite long at about 10 inches and incredibly, stupendously thick. Says that Firth is very nonchalant about it, but that even to see him in his y-fronts and soft is a sight to behold because it's so huge." Firth's fame started when he played Mr. Darcy in the TV adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice". He has starred in "Shakespeare in Love", "Bridget Jones's Diary", "The Importance of Being Earnest", and others.

Eddie Fisher:  The singer and actor was constantly teased in the shower for his "third leg". His former lover Zsa Zsa Gabor said, "Oh, dahlink, we all knew that Eddie was hung like a horse." In the 1950's he was one of the most popular singers and a teen idol with his own TV show. His films include "Butterfield 8" with wife Elizabeth Taylor. Fisher wrote 2 autobiographies, and the second "Been There, Done That" (1999) contains lots of spicy sexual information.

Errol Flynn:  The Australian actor was "so well hung that he was famous for it all over Hollywood". It was about 11 inches long. Truman Capote relates that Flynn pulled out his sausage at a party and plunked out "You are my Sunshine" on the piano. He and Freddy Frank sometimes had "stretch and measure" contests. Flynn always lost , but blamed it on alcohol (he was drunk most of the time) and never conceded defeat. In Nick Hornby's novel "High Fidelity", Flynn is described as "preposterously endowed". He wore a swim suit as underwear, with his cock pointing up, so you could see it above the waistband of his trousers. And he never hesitated to unzip and display his monster when asked to do so--regardless of who was present. Flynn jerked off for gossip columnist Hedda Hopper at her front door. According to the book "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back", Flynn took his 15 year old son Sean to brothels and they had sex with the same woman at the same time. Flynn became an overnight sensation starring in "Captain Blood", and appears in many movies such as "Dodge City", "The Sea Hawk", "Santa Fe Trail", "The Sun Also Rises", and "The Adventures of Robin Hood".

Harrison Ford:  The Hollywood actor is said to be "tremendously hung", and several movie magazines claim he is one of the most hung stars in Hollywood. There are rumours from many sources that he is bi, promiscuous, and a pothead. He is notoriously private, and is most famous for playing action hero Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. in the "Indiana Jones" series, and Han Solo in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. He plays Dr. Richard Walker in "Frantic" with a nice bulge and gets naked, with a stuffed animal covering his cock. In "The Empire Strikes Back" you can see a clear outline of his dick that leaves nothing to the imagination. It's in the scene where he is being tortured after Lando Calrissian's betrayal. As Han Solo is being strapped to the sparking device, you can see his cock. Photos taken from the scene and then lightened reveal he is freeballing and has a whopper!

Joe Francis:  The founder of "Girls Gone Wild" has a huge cock. In court, his lawyer defended a sex charge by saying, "Though Mr. Francis cannot speak to Ms. Szyszka's discomfort during the encounter, other news stories have commented that Mr. Francis is reputedly well-endowed." Girls Gone Wild is a strange nude video franchise advertised on TV infomercials.

Robert Francis: The young actor who stars with Humphrey Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny" had a thick 10 inch cock according to many who knew him. He was killed in a plane crash and made only 4 films. Francis, born Feb. 26th, 1930, was emerging as one of Hollywood's brightest young stars when he died on July 31st, 1955. The small plane he was piloting lost power in midair and crashed into a parking lot in Burbank, California. 2 passengers on board were also killed. Francis was only 25. With his brush-cut hair and boy-next door good looks, Francis quickly made his mark in 4 films in 2 short years: "The Caine Mutiny", "They Rode West". "The Bamboo Prison", and "The Long Gray Line".

Freddy Franks:  The actor and protoge of Abbott and Costello was extremely well endowed. Costello once measured it at a party and it was 13 inches long SOFT. At parties he served salad with a hole cut in the side of the bowl. "Fast Freddy" stuck his cock in the wooden bowl and piled it with salad to serve to unsuspecting starlets who always screamed in horror. On the movie sets he fucked actresses between takes and was paid for his services out of the film's "miscellaneous budget". Also, Franks was in several movies as an actor with the great actor Errol Flynn. Flynn had several "measuring contests" with Franks using quarters laid end to end to measure each man when their penis was laid on a bar top. Flynn was always a loser as his erect 12 quarter, hence 12" penis was always a couple of quarters shy of Franks limp penis length. It has been reported that Flynn always made the excuse he was intoxicated and that's why he never "won". Mae West, a notorious "size queen" all her life stated she had never seen anyone like Franks and not even close. The great Milton Berle, who had the 2nd biggest penis in Hollywood of the time, 13.5" erect, was several times cajoled and asked to put his endowment up against Franks to settle the issue when he claimed he was the largest and Berle always declined. Franks was reported to be endowed somewhere from "more than 12 inches" to other reports stating he was "14" long fully flaccid" and his fully hard erection was widely reported to be 18" long. That is why Abbott and Costello, Mae West, and several other women of the era all repeated many times that Franks was the biggest they had seen or heard of and he was the "eighth wonder of the world".

Al Franken:  The American comedian, writer, and politician is said to be "HUGE". A witness saw him in a NYC locker room and said, "It's one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen. And he had a pretty good body." Franken is most famous as a writer and performer on TV's "Saturday Night Live", and has appeared in 12 movies, including "Tanner on Tanner", "Harvard Man", "Trading Places", "The Rutles", and "Tunnel Vision". Franken is now a politician.

Bob Geldof:  According to Rupert Everett's autobiography, Sir Bob "Save The World" Geldof has a "dirty, big, fat cock". A musician who used to work with Bob jokes that he should use a wheelbarrow to move his dick around. Geldof is uncut. The Irish singer, songwriter, political activist, and actor is most famous for organizing "Live Aid" and "Live 8". He wrote the hit songs "Rat Trap" and "I don't like Mondays".

Galen Gering:  The American actor best known for playing Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald in the TV soap opera "Passions" has a huge dick. A witness reports, "This man is hung! At least 7 inches soft with the biggest and hairiest balls I've ever seen." He has made over 50 national TV commercials and "People" magazine named him one of the 50 Most Beautiful People.

Alexander Godunov:  The Russian ballet star and actor had a thick 10 ½ inch long uncut cock according to friends. His defection to the USA caused a diplomatic incident. He appears in the films "Witness", "Die Hard", "The Money Pit", "Anna Karenina", and others.

Steve Gorman:  The drummer for the "Black Crowes" can supposedly "put Tommy Lee to shame!" He has played with other musicians such as Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Jack Casady, and the Stereophonics.

Cary Grant:  The British superstar actor had an 8 inch cock. A former assistant of his stated that his "flaccid cock lied flat against his belly, almost reaching his navel. A size 8." He made countless Hollywood movies with his mid-Atlantic accent and was named the second "Greatest Male Star of All Time" (after Humphrey Bogart) by the American Film Institute. His personal life was complicated, but he was basically bi. His real name was Archibald Alexander Leach and he appears in "The Philadephia Story", "Notorious", "North by Northwest", and others.

Steve Guttenberg:  The American film and TV actor stated on the Howard Stern show that his cock is 10 inches long hard. Stern said he heard Steve is a "freak" in the bedroom and Guttenberg admitted his cock is 10 inches, "but not on cold mornings". He said, "It's genetic", "I do like to show it", and his dick is a source of "a lot of confidence". He has to pull his pants down to power-up, but said, "You can't do that everywhere." Guttenberg has a big floppy bulge in the film "Cocoon", is definitely freeballing, and his skimpy blue shorts have bleach marks to emphasize his endowment. Great bulge shots in "Can't Stop the Music" and you can see his naked ass in "Bedroom Window". He appears in 36 movies, including "Players", "Diner", "Police Academy", and "Amazon Women on the Moon".

Antony Hamilton:  The Australian actor, model, and dancer had a huge cock that was 8 inches long SOFT. He started as a ballet dancer, became a very successful model, then began acting in the American TV series "Cover Up". Best known as agent Max Harte in the 'Mission Impossible" TV series, Hamilton lost the role of James Bond 007 because he was openly gay.

Jon Hamm:  The American actor and director has a monster cock supposedly as thick as a beer bottle.  His cock caused a media stir in 2013 as he worked in 1960's ad agency clothing in the TV show "Mad Men", because his cock hangs low and flops as he moves and walks about.  He was told to wear underwear while filming certain scenes due to the era’s tight-fitting clothing. “This season takes place in the 1960s, where the pants are very tight and leave little to the imagination,” said a source.  “Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear.”  Furthermore, Hamm’s cock bulge was such a distraction that the show’s marketing team had to Photoshop many of the billboards, promotional posters and ad campaigns.  In 2000 Hamm made his feature film debut in Clint Eastwood's space adventure "Space Cowboys".  The following year he had a minor role in the comedy "Kissing Jessica Stein" (2001).  Hamm gained wide recognition playing advertising executive Don Draper in the AMC drama series "Mad Men", which premiered in July 2007.  His performance earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series in 2008.  In 2008 Hamm also appeared in a remake of the science fiction film "The Day the Earth Stood Still".  His first leading film role was in the 2010 thriller "Stolen". Hamm also appeared in "The Town" (2010), "Sucker Punch" (2011), and "Bridesmaids" (2011).

Hammer:  The rap artist turned preacher turned TV host has a huge dick. Stanley Kirk Burrell also manufactured "Hammer" pants. His "Pumps and a Bump" music video was banned from MTV because of the obscene display of his huge cock in a thong. MTV said he had an erection most of the time. He discusses his huge cock in the video. MC says MTV banned it because society was intimidated by a black man's overt sexuality and giant dick.

Mickey Hargitay:  The Hungarian actor and Mr. Universe bodybuilder had a huge cock. He was married to Jayne Mansfield, who stole him away from Mae West who hired him as a muscleman in her stage show. Mae said, "She can't do that to me, I'm a legend." Jayne responded, "Well I'm a legend too, and he's got one of the biggest and I'm not letting go." Hargitay appears in 3 Jayne Mansfield films: "The Loves of Hercules", "Promises! Promises!", and "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?". He also hosted a TV exercise show and starred in "Bloody Pit of Horror", wearing red spandex pants in most of the movie, showing a large visible cock outline.

Woody Harrelson:  The American actor is supposedly "hugely endowed", and "hung like a horse". He had an obscenely enormous bulge when he modeled for a Kalvin Kline underwear ad. Harrelson is said to be an exhibitionist, which is probably true considering his many photos on the internet--in some of them he is taking a piss. Nice ass too. As Grace's boyfriend in the TV sitcom "Will & Grace" there are many refereences to his huge endowment.  For example, he claims to exercise his cock by lifting encyclopaedias with it.  Harrelson is best known as Woody Boyd in the TV sitcom "Cheers", but also appears in the films "Natural Born Killers", "The People vs Larry Flynt", "No Country for Old Men", and others.

A.J. Hawk:  The American football linebacker for the Green Bay Packers has a "cock like a cucumber" according to a reliable source. He signed a 6-year contract with the Packers, worth $37,500,000, on July 28, 2006.

Dick Haymes:  The actor and popular Big Band singer in the 1940's and husband of Rita Hayworth had a 10 inch cock. He was born in Buenos Aires and never became a US citizen. His hit songs include "Laura", "It's Magic", and "Nature Boy". His films include "State Fair", "All Ashore", and "Up in Central Park".

Levon Helm:  The actor, vocalist, drummer, and founder of the rock band "The Band" has "outsized genitals". He also plays mandolin, guitar, bass, harmonica, and is bitter about not receiving songwriting royalties for some hits he helped write.

Jimi Hendrix:  The greatest electric guitarist in history had a dick "damn near as big as his guitar". He was uncut. The "Plastercasters of Chicago" made a mold of his cock that still exists, and the groupie artists swear Hendrix had the biggest cock in rock. There is a Jimi Hendrix sex video available. Hendrix was also a great showman, singer and songwriter. His first-rate songs include "Purple Haze", "Foxy Lady", and "Voodoo Chile". They are rarely covered because they are very personal guitar songs. Jimi recorded the definitive versions of his songs because he was the best guitarist ever, so other musicians cannot possibly do them justice. Hendrix headlined and closed the Woodstock Festival with an astonishing performance considered a milestone in rock music history.

Conrad "Nicky" Hilton:  Hotel heir Hilton had a thick 11 inch cock and said he and his 2 brothers had a yard of cock collectively. Sam Frank said in a radio interview that Nicky's cock was over 13 inches long. Great-uncle to Paris Hilton, Mamie Van Doren wrote, "he was curiously unskilled in using" his monster cock. He was so huge that he stretched wife Liz Taylor so much that no other man could satisfy her, except for Sen. John Warner (whose cock size is legendary) and her other husband Eddie Fisher. Three monster cock husbands for Liz? You don't suppose she is a size queen?

Damian Hockney:  The British politician has an enormous cock, at least 12 inches long SOFT. He likes to discuss it with everyone and claims its size is due to growing up in Africa, where the other boys taught him to stretch his dick with stones and heat. One witness said, "It was like an arm--must have been a foot long soft--quite seriously he had to hold it away from the urinal so it didn't hang right in. It was like watching a horse pissing. He literally rolled it up to get it back in his jeans." A musician said, "It was pretty much down to his knee when soft. Hockney was known as the Donkey Man. The guy says he stretched it in Africa but my memory is that he had family in the Caribbean. It was unbelievable to look at. There are shots of his dick, 'cos one of the guys took one while he was sleeping." Hockney is leader of the One London Party, was a London Assembly member, and is mostly straight, somewhat bisexual, enjoys orgies and exhibitionism.

John Holmes:  The King of Porn had an enormous uncut cock, slightly curved, with huge low hanging balls. Holmes claimed he made several thousand porn films and measured 13 inches long. However, in the documentary "Wadd" we learn he was a "bullshitter who believed his own bullshit". Everybody has heard about him and seen his cock. It's stale from over-exposure, but we should never take it for granted. Two movies, "Boogie Nights" and "Wonderland" are loosely based on Holmes.

Rock Hudson:  The American film and TV actor had an 8 1/2 inch uncut cock, 6 1/2 inches around. He completed nearly 70 motion pictures in a career that spanned over 4 decades. Hudson won 4 Golden Globe awards and appears in "Giant", "A Farewell to Arms", "Pillow Talk", and others.

Tab Hunter:  The singer and Hollywood actor has a "legendary dick" and he is famous for sucking his own cock because lover Anthony Perkins took auto-fellatio photos. There is an unimpressive nude photo supposedly of him on the internet, probably fake because it does not look like him at all. Tab appears in over 40 major feature films including "Damn Yankees", "The Loved One", "Polyester", and "Lust in the Dust".

John Ireland:  The Hollywood actor had an extremely huge 11 to 12 inch long uncut cock and enjoyed blow jobs. He, Milton Berle, Forrest Tucker, and Freddy Frank are called "the original Alaska pipeline". You can always see the outline of Ireland's cock in his films. In one "Bonanza" TV episode you can see his cock and balls hanging down one leg quite clearly. In "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" there are 2 scenes where his cock is obscenely visible: in the hotel room with Kirk Douglas and in the saloon fight half way through the movie. Ireland plays Johnny Ringo and wears a light brown costume. He loved showing off his cock in movies and always freeballed, that is he did not wear underwear.

Chris Isaak:  The American singer, songwriter, and actor is said to be "hugely hung" and thick--somewhere from 9 to 11 inches long. Comedienne Margaret Cho said he is "hung like a horse!" Isaak broke up with Cho because he was tired of hearing about his huge dick from everyone who went to Cho's stand-up routine. He can suck his own dick and sometimes demonstrates this talent. His song "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing" with some falsetto singing is featured in Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut". In the music video for the song there are huge bulge shots when he's in a hotel room watching TV. Isaak loves asian women, but quickly loses interest in all his sex partners. Two of his songs were used in David Lynch's "Blue Velvet". He had his own TV show for 3 years and appears in "Little Buddha", "Married to the Mob", "Silence of the Lambs", and others. Isaak has turned down film roles, including "Blue Velvet".

Jason Bradley Jacobs:  The American actor has an uncut cock supposedly over 10 inches long.  It has been observed by many at L.A. Fitness at 7021 Hollywood Blvd. in the gym change room he uses.  Jacobs does not wear a towel and although he is there for bodybuilding, he often hangs out for long periods in the locker room with his cock on display.  He has about an extra 4 inches of foreskin overhang and his cock is so long it flops in an "S" pattern as he walks through the locker room.  The middle and base end can't catch up with the shovel head that's under his veiny foreskin.  It spanks his hairy muscular legs audibly if he is wet from the showers.  His shaft is covered with a lot of big veins that look like earthworms the size of a #2 pencil's thickness!  One observer remarked that Jacobs' cock looked like a "baby elephant's trunk with a roadmap of earthworm veins on it".  When he occasionally sits nude in the dry sauna with it hanging off the bench, the foreskin snout makes it look like it can nearly touch the bench below.  Another guy saw him sporting a half-hard cock one day as he stepped out of the warm shower and believes it was at least 12 inches along the top to the tip of the head under his foreskin, which still hung like a 3" puckered snout.  When soft, most of his shaft is about 8.5" around and is comparable in thickness to a Pepsi Max can.  Syrupy precum sometimes dangles in ropes from his foreskin snout, probably from sheer virility, not from being horny.  He once told a friend, "I'm going to strangle you with my cock."  A man wrote,"I attended a somewhat wild Hollywood party last month at which a sexy, hunky actor named Jason Bradley Jacobs, right in front of everybody, frosted a birthday cake with a ridiculously huge frankenstein monster's hard-on.  Most people partook of the cake even though Jason's foreskin had noticeably dragged slobbery precum drool all over it!  When I saw him with his pants around his ankles and his hard cock in his hand it looked like a freak show, and his low hanger balls looked as big as two baseballs!"  Jacobs appeared in the 1997 film "Selena", played Maurice Charpenter in the 2001 TV show "Feast of All Saints", stars as the voice of Axland Ledbetter in the animated 3-D TV series "Plowboy in the Cornmeal Universe", and appears in other films,  He has agreed to do two full frontal scenes in the upcoming 3-D film he is shooting in Spring 2014 titled "Code Key."

Mick Jagger:  The singer, songwriter and founding member of the Rolling Stones rock band has a monster cock according to the Who's guitarist Pete Townshend. "What I remember of the size of Mick Jagger's penis," Townshend said in the middle of a press conference. "I remember it as being huge and extremely tasty." Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger was born 26 July 1943 and his music career has spanned over fifty years. In 1989, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with The Rolling Stones. Jagger has seven children by four women, although he was caught sleeping with David Bowie.

Jay-Z:  The American rapper and former CEO of Def Jam Recordings has a monster cock. A groupie reports: "The biggest dick you will ever see in your life, but boring. Huge. Like a one-liter Pepsi bottle. What do you call those things? The 20-ounce bottle. It’s beyond huge. It could block the sun. And he screams like a bitch when he busts. It’s horrible. He has a big humungous dick and has no idea what to do with it." Jay-Z was also CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, co-owns The 40/40 Club and the New Jersey Nets NBA team. As one of the most successful hip hop artists, he has sold over 50,000,000 records. His critically aclaimed album "The Blueprint" was written in 2 days. He has signed a contract with "Live Nation" worth $150,000,000.

Don Johnson:  The American actor is said by many to be "hung like a porn king" and "big around as a beer can", uncut. He is best known for playing Sonny Crockett in the TV series "Miami Vice". As well as TV work, Johnson appears in 40 movies, including "Melanie", "Dead Bang", "Hot Spot", "Paradise', and 'A Good Old Fashioned Orgy".

Earvin "Magic" Johnson:  The American retired basketball player is "very well hung" according to a sports industry employee and "impressive" according to a locker room witness. Uncut. He was rated the greatest NBA point guard of all time in 2007 and inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.

Lyndon Baines Johnson:  LBJ had the biggest cock of any American president, and would show it to anyone who asked. When running for the Oval Office he said things such as, "Gentlemen, I have a hard-on for the presidency." He was fond of intimidating his subordinates with his monster "trouser snake" and loved showing it off. His cock was named "Jumbo" and he would chase secretaries around the office with it. Men were shown in to meet him while he was sitting on the toilet, so they could see his cock hanging into the bowl and snaking down his leg when he stood up to pull his pants on. LBJ would make reporters strip first and get into the White House swimming pool, where he'd talk to them. Then would come his "un-veiling" of the Largest Cock in the modern world and he would give an interview to the "little people". When swimming nude with others, he would shake his horse cock at them and say, "If any of this gets out, you're finished." The 36th president of the United States reportedly refused to accept staff arguments that outfitting the shower with the demanded features--including one nozzle aimed "directly at the president's penis--would require a great deal of plumbing work. "If I can move 10,000 troops in a day, you can certainly fix the bathroom any way I want it," Johnson told the staff. He early became known for urinating in the parking lot of the House Office Building as the urge took him; if a colleague came into a Capitol bathroom as he was finishing at the urinal there, he would sometimes swing around still holding his member, which he liked to call "Jumbo," hooting once, "Have you ever seen anything as big as this?," and shaking it in almost a brandishing manner as he began discoursing about some pending legislation. Even on the floors of the House and Senate, he would extravagantly rummage away at his groin, sometimes reaching his hand through a pocket and leaning with half-lifted leg for more thorough access.  He said, "I don't trust a man until I have his pecker in my pocket." In 1964 Johnson needed trousers so he called the Haggar clothing company and gave some shocking anatomically specific directions to Mr. Haggar. The call was recorded, like all White House calls at the time, and has become legendary. During a press conference in Thailand, LBJ exposed himself to reporters outside a washroom and said, "Don't see 'em this big out here, do they?" When some reporters were pestering him about why the US was in Vietnam, he became exasperated, unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and said, "This is why."

Casey Jones:  Jonathan Luther "John" "Casey" Jones from Jackson, Tennessee was a railworker who worked for the Illinois Central Railroad.  He alone was killed when his train collided with a stalled freight train on the foggy and rainy night of April 30, 1900.  His dramatic death, trying to stop his train and save lives, made him a hero.  He has been immortalized in songs and books and is a legend.  His nickname "Casey" is the 1800's equivalent of calling him "Monster Cock Jones".  In the 1890's a friend named Lee leaked word to newspapers of Jones' unbelievably huge cock.  Newspaper reporters wanted to see it and to measure it.  He was supposedly confirmed by a team of journalists at the time as having a cock 14.5" hard plus an additional snout of foreskin overhang.  They had neglected to bring a measuring tape, but Jones measured it using the lever that changes gears in his locomotive called a "Johnson bar".  It was the same length: 14.5 inches, and to this day "johnson" refers to a cock.  One newspaper wrote that his erection was "as thick as a stout man's wrist and covered with a forearm-esque wool of the color of burnum amber".  An 1892 Chicago newspaper mentioned Jones' cock "retracts none whatsoever when limp and is worn down the left trouser leg."  At 6' 5", Jones had abundant amber body hair, sky blue eyes with long black eyelashes, and dark wavy hair on his head.  He was a huge man with 20" biceps and even showed his cock at the Worlds Fair for people who could afford the high price of $2 to see his hard-on.  One reporter wrote that Jones let coal miners and other poor laborers look for free.  Most of the gawkers were proper gentlemen in suits accompanied by a wife wearing finery and carrying a parasol.  Some of the lucky customers saw Jones spew a monster load as well.  There are several famous people who displayed their cocks for the usual 3 minutes of gawking time for $2 back then at the World's Fair.  In fact, the similarly-hung Daniel Boone did the same thing on the carnival circuit before any World's Fairs existed.  Such displays were socially acceptable back then.  Confederate soldiers from the Appalachians who had monster cocks often had that info about their horse cocks put on their tombstones.

Tom Jones:  The singer admitted on the Howard Stern TV show that he is uncut, very large, and men admire his cock at the gym. Milton Berle showed him his dick and he was very impressed. Elvira, the TV hostess, stated in a radio interview that she couldn't walk and had to go to the hospital for stitches after being fucked by Tom Jones. Mamie Van Doren says it's padding. However, porn star Al Parker in his book "Clone" mentions he saw Tom Jones' cock and it is definitely big. His real name is Sir Thomas John Woodward and he is worth $300 million. "It's Not Unusual" and "What's New Pussycat?" are two of his most popular hits.

Michael Jordan:  The American retired basketball player is said to be "hung" according to a sports industry employee, and is said to have trouble finding condoms that will fit him. His accomplishments include five MVP awards, ten All-NBA First Team designations, nine All-Defensive First Team honors, fourteen NBA All-Star Game appearances and three All-Star MVP, ten scoring titles, three steals titles, six NBA Finals MVP awards, and the 1988 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. He holds the NBA record for highest career regular season scoring average. In 1999, he was named the greatest North American athlete of the 20th century by ESPN, and was second to Babe Ruth on the Associated Press' list of athletes of the century. He will be eligible for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

Tony Kanal:  The English-born American musician and record producer has a huge endowment. A groupie states, "Tony's cock is about 10 inches long! He is a great kisser, takes his time, and is a totally cool guy." He joined the rock band "No Doubt" and achieved stardom with the album "Tragic Kingdom" and its hit song "Don't Speak". Kanal has also produced for Bryan Ferry, Elan Atias, and others.

Ronan Keating:  The handsome Irish pop singer is horsehung and makes fun of his cock size in British TV skits. Several witnesses state he is 7 to 8 inches long SOFT and uncut. One said, "The little blond Irishman had a huge banana-like cock put to one side and two big balls were bulging. What a horsehung guy!" In concert he has a noticeable bulge that hangs down his leg, and in his video for "I Love It When You Do" he has an erection. Keating has had hits with Boyzone and as a solo artist with "Life is a Rollercoaster", "When You Say Nothing At All", and "If Tomorrow Never Comes". He also has a World Music Award for the best selling Irish artist.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.:  The American lawyer, journalist, and publisher had a thick 9 inch cock. He was a nudist and exhibitionist, even at parties, and many said he could have been a big dick porn star. Nude photos of "John John" on the internet are fake. His uncle Robert Kennedy was said to be "hung like a donkey", but Truman Capote observed Jack, Bobby, and Ted swimming nude at the Kennedy compound in Florida. Capote wrote: "What I don't understand is why everybody said the Kennedys were so sexy. I know a lot about cocks--I've seen an awful lot of them--and if you put all the Kennedys together, you wouldn't have one good one. I used to see Jack when I was staying with Loel and Gloria Guinness in Palm Beach. I had a little guest cottage with its own private beach, and he would come down so he could swim in the nude. He had absolutely nothing! Bobby was the same way. I don't know how he had all those children. As for Teddy--forget it."

Patrick Kerney:  The American defensive end with the Seatle Seahawks football team is "huge, hung way down". Is he good? In 2007 he signed a six-year $39,500,000 contract with the Seahawks.

Kid Rock:  The rock star has a large cock. Pamela Anderson left Tommy Lee and married Kid Rock. She stated on the Howard Stern show that Kid Rock is just as big as Tommy Lee. In other words, he probably doesn't belong here. There is a Kid Rock sex video with his groupies, but it has not been released or leaked because of legal obstacles. His real name is Robert James Ritchie, he has sold over 23 million albums, and has appeared on TV and in films such as "King of the Hill", "Biker Boyz", and "Run's House".

Jim Kerr:  The lead singer, frontman, and lyricist for the Scottish band "Simple Minds" has a huge cock. One lover said, "I have to confess, I'd never seen anything quite like it." Simple Minds had 5 number one albums and a number one single "Belfast Child" in the UK. Their worldwide hit "Don't You (Forget about Me)" is in the soundtrack of "The Breakfast Club".

Anthony Kiedis:  The lead singer of "Red Hot Chili Peppers" has a very large cock. One groupie said, "His penis is beyond just gorgeous." He writes virtually all lyrics for the band and some melodies, and has battled with addiction to hard drugs. Kiedis started out rapping, and it wasn't until the 1999 album "Californication" that his singing was any good.

Joey Kramer:  The drummer for rock band "Aerosmith' is very well hung. He named the band, is great at collecting money, and wrote "Pandora's Box", but has written the fewest songs for the group.

Toni Kukok:  The Croation retired basketball player has a monster cock. A friend of a friend wrote: "I was present when Toni was visiting and he was asleep in nothing but a robe. Now work with me here, he is 6' 11" tall, and has a size 17 1/2 shoe. The robe opened and he was as hard as a rock, all the while asleep. He had over 12 inches of the most beautiful meat I have seen in a while. Uncut, and super furry bush. However it didn't seem like it was that big against his large and hairy thighs. Alas he didn't wake up, and no I didn't have the guts to reach out and slide my fist over his dick. But the image is burned into my beat off fantasies forever. So I have one vote for the YES side. NBA guys have bigger cocks." Kukok was renowned for his versatility and passing ability, playing all 5 positions on court with equal skill. He won the Euroleague 3 years in a row, won Player of the Year award 3 times, and the FIBA World Championship in 1990. Kukok earned over $13 million for a contract with Italian clothier Benetton. He played with various NBA teams but retired in 2006 even though many teams wanted to sign him.

Eric Kumerow:  The former American football linebacker for the Miami Dolphins has a "THICK THICK soft tool probably hanging 6 soft" according to a friend who went to school with him. The hairy defensive end is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds.

Michael Landon:  The American actor, writer, director, and producer had a huge cut cock, about 9 inches long. On the TV show "Bonanza" Little Joe Cartwright was not little--his large bulge was often obscene. The camera is often at crotch level, and in the "Five into the Wind" episode he has a huge hard-on bulge. His cock always hangs on the left, although it sometimes moves from side to side when he is getting an erection. Sometimes Michael deliberately screwed up continuity for editing by hanging on the right. In the earliest episodes he wore baggy trousers, then switched to tight pants. When he moved on to "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" he was too big a star to show a huge bulge.

Matt LeBlanc:  The American actor is very well endowed, "XXX when soft, cut, thick as a beer can", and bisexual. He is best known as Joey Tribbiani in the NBC sitcoms "Friends" and "Joey", a role he played for 12 years. In one episode of "Friends" Joey jumps out of a large box and his bulge is enormous! LeBlanc has appeared on other TV shows and his most notable films include "Ed", "Lost in Space", "Charlie's Angels", and "All the Queen's Men".

Tommy Lee:  The drummer for rock band "Motley Crue" has a famous large cock. A porn video with wife Pamela Anderson ("Stolen Honeymoon") has sold over 600,000 copies. It's estimated to be about 8 inches long when erect. One critic wrote, "Tommy Lee has become the King of big-dick celebrities, and I'm still watching the video completely unimpressed."

Jared Leto:  The American actor and musician has appeared in both big-budget Hollywood films and smaller projects.  He rose to prominence in "My So-Called Life" in 1994 and the next year he made "How to Make an American Quilt".  Other films include "Prefontaine", "The Thin Red Line", "Girl", "Interrupted", "Urban Legend", "Requiem for a Dream", "Fight Club", "Panic Room", "American Psycho", "Highway", "Lord of War", "Lonely Hearts", "Chapter 27", and "Mr. Nobody".  Leto is the lead vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter for the rock band '"30 Seconds to Mars" which has been quite successful.  He has a large thick uncut cock.

David Letterman:  The American TV talk show host, comedian, and actor has a cock 9 inches long. Letterman has been hosting late night television for over 27 years. His ironic and often absurd comedy has been heavily influenced by his predecessors on the "Tonight Show".

Huey Lewis:  The American musician, songwriter, and actor has a fat monster cock. One groupie claims it is 11 inches long. Sweet Connie, the famous groupie said it is "by far the biggest I have ever encountered". A guy who saw him in a hotel spa reports, "He's packing!" Lewis shows his huge basket all through the movie "Duet" in black Levis. His band "Huey Lewis and the News" has had many hit songs, including "I Want a New Drug" and "Hip to be Square".

Jack London:  The American author was usually referred to as "The Stallion" by his friends because of his endowment. Muscular and handsome, he wrote "White Fang", "Call of the Wild", and other classics.

Joe Louis:  One of the greatest heavyweight boxing champions in history, known as the "Brown Bomber" (real name Joseph Louis Barrow), had an uncut monster cock. Mae West wrote, "Joe was the first time I ever crossed the color line. I wanted to find out if it's true what they say about black men. Joe was hung pretty well, but no more than one of my boys, Steve Cochran." (In other words, Joe Louis had at least 12 inches.)

Kyle MacLachlan:  The Hollywood star is "quite large" and has a beautiful ass. He plays Paul Atreides in "Dune'. I couldn't stand him until I saw his ass in "Blue Velvet". MacLachlan has made 23 motion pictures as well as appearing on TV as Agent Dale Cooper in "Twin Peaks", Trey MacDougal in "Sex and the City", and others.

Fred MacMurray:  The Hollywood actor had a huge uncut cock--"a cucumber sized dick", witnessed by many on the nude Waller Beach in Santa Rosa, California. He owned the beach and allowed nudists to use it, and it was known to locals as "Free Beach". He appears in over 100 movies such as: "Double Indemnity", "Singapore", "Borderline", "The Caine Mutiny", "The Absent Minded Professor", "The Shaggy Dog", and "Son of Flubber". On TV he played Steve Douglas in "My Three Sons" from 1960 to 1972.

Bill Maher:  William "Bill" Maher, Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, television host, political commentator, author and actor known for his political satire and sociopolitical commentary.  He has also become famous for bragging about the size of his huge cock.

Joel Makovicka:  The American former football fullback is "hung huge, more than 6 inches soft easily; big nuts; hot blond bush; loves showing it off." Makovicka is one of the most decorated fullbacks in history: a two-time first-team academic All-American and three-time first-team academic All-Big 12 performer. His older brother Jeff is about 3 inches soft.

 Karl Malone:  The American former basketball player has a "massive" cock. He had a supporter specially made to accomodate his endowment. The supporter tore during one game, and he walked off the court. In the video you can very easily see the outline of his dick, as he uses his hand to try to push it down as he is walking. Malone twice won the NBA Most Valuable Player award and has scored the second most points in NBA history.

Steve Martin:  The American comedian has an 8 inch cock. Since the 1980s, having branched away from stand-up comedy, he became a successful actor, playwright, pianist, banjo player, and juggler, and eventually earned an Emmy, Grammy, and American Comedy awards. His films include "The Jerk", "Pennies from Heaven", "All of Me", "Roxanne", "Father of the Bride", "The Pink Panther", and many others.

Victor Mature:  The American film actor had a very large uncut cock. There is a nude photo of him and his dick hangs down 6 inches SOFT. He was famously modest about his acting and said, "I'm not an actor--and I've got 67 films to prove it!" His movies include "Samson and Delilah", "Wabash Avenue", "Stella", "Demetrius and the Gladiators", "The Egyptian", "Betrayed", and "Hannibal".

Roddy McDowall:  The English-born actor had a "very thick and well developed organ, wrist-thick and veiny." It was 9 1/2 inches long and uncut. He enjoyed entertaining guests at Hollywood parties by stripping naked and sucking on his own dick. McDowall was gay, one of Hollywood's best known "secrets". He owned all of Errol Flynn's home movies, and appears in many films such as "The Outsider", "Man Hunt", "My Friend Flicka", "Lassie Come Home", "Kidnapped", and most famously as various chimpanzee characters in 4 "Planet of the Apes" movies.

Gardner McKay:  The star of TV series "Adventures in Paradise" had a 10 inch cock. McKay played Adam Troy. He acted in over 100 TV movies; wrote poetry, plays, and novels; sculpted; but retired from show biz to Hawaii. McKay is mentioned several times in Jimmy Buffet's song, "We are the people our parents warned us about".

Steve McQueen:  The American actor, "The King of Cool", had an uncut monster cock "like two Coors beer cans welded together". Mamie Van Doren took an LSD trip with him and wrote he was "spectacularly outfitted". He raced cars and motorcycles, did most of his own stunts, and appeared in 34 major Hollywood movies. McQueen starred in "Bullit", "The Sand Pebbles", and by the time he did "The Gateway" was the world's highest paid actor.

Eddie Murphy:  The comic actor has an uncut dick over 9 inches long. In his "I Spy" movie he is asked about 007, and he replies, "How about double O nine and a half? If you get my innuendo." He admitted in a "Playboy" interview that his dick has a bend in it, and has joked that his dick is "as straight as a pretzel". Murphy certainly has quite the basket, and his bulge is most revealing in dressing room concert videos wearing skimpy underwear. A great bulge at the end of "The Golden Child".

Don Murray:  The handsome Hollywood movie star made a few dozen movies, most notably with size queen Marilyn Monroe in "Bus Stop".  In his film debut he co-stars as a naive cowboy who falls for saloon singer Monroe.  Murray is very well hung, and 37½ minutes into the movie we get to see his cock through his flimsy underwear as he does sit ups on the floor.  His exercise is a prolonged close up of his long and thick cock, and the camera leaves nothing to the imagination.  We don't see a momentary big bulge, we see his monster cock for a long time.  As he does sit ups, we see his cock move and this must be the most obscene "crotch shot" scene in movie history.  Murray also appears in "Peggy Sue got Married", "Scorpion", "License to Kill", "Endless Love", "The Viking Queen", "Advise and Consent", and many others.

                                                                                                 Don Murray in sit up scene in "Bus Stop"
Click on the bottom right for full screen. Be sure the arrow for your mouse is below the bottom or you won't see all of his cock with full screen.
Jim Nabors:  The singer, actor, and star of "Gomer Pyle" is said by many to be "hung like a Missouri mule". It is 10 inches long. Nabors has recorded 28 albums, one platinum and 5 gold records, and appeared in many films such as "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

Charles Nagy:  The American former baseball pitcher has an enormous legendary uncut cock. It is thick and 8 inches long SOFT, with big balls and a great ass. He used a custom made jock strap. A locker room attendant reports, "It is enormous, incredibly long. He is incredibly hung, slightly smaller than Jim Thome, and is sometimes half hard in the locker room." Nagy played in the major leagues from 1990 to 2003, and was inducted in the Kinston Professional Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004, and the Cleveland Indians Team Hall of Fame in 2007.

Liam Neeson:  The Irish actor is said to be hung like a horse, but shy about his cock. He is uncut. His former girlfriend Helen Mirren mentioned in an interview, "Now he is a big boy!" Janice Dickinson said when Liam Neeson unzipped his pants, "an Evian bottle fell out." Dickinson has claimed that the 6’4" Neeson has "the biggest penis of any man alive".  When Neeson rose nude from a lake while filming a scene in "Rob Roy" a crew member exclaimed, "Look at the rope on that laddie!'  On Andy Cohen’s "Watch What Happens Live", Cohen asked him to confirm or deny the rumors that he’s one of the most well-endowed men in Hollywood.  He replied, "I’m told that Willem Dafoe and myself are neck-and-neck."  Best known for playing Oskar Schindler in "Schlindler's List" and Qui-Gon Jinn in "Star Wars: Phantom Menace", he is a practicing Roman Catholic and family man.

Ed Nelson:  The American star of the "Peyton Place" TV series has a 9 inch cock. He played Dr. Michael Rossi. Nelson also appeared in more than 50 films, and hundreds of stage plays. Early in his career he appeared in Roger Corman films such as "Cry Baby Killers", "Teenage Caveman", and "Attack of the Crab Monsters".

Rick Nelson:  The American singer, musician and actor had a cock that was "thick, long, too big for TV. Everyone in Hollywood knew" according to Gary M. Griffin and the internet's bulgereport. He began his career on his parents' "Ozzie and Harriet" TV show, and soon became second only to Elvis as a teen idol in the 1950's and 60's. Nelson has a nice bulge throughout the film "Rio Bravo". His many hit songs include "Travelin' Man", "Hello Mary Lou", "Fools Rush In", and "Garden Party".

Willie Nelson:  The legendary American singer, songwriter, and actor is famous for being very well endowed. A reliable witness had a friendly piss with him at a truck stop and reports his cock is 8 inches long SOFT, uncut, with a purplish head. Nelson was showing off his cock, said it felt good to piss and, "This is the first time in a long time the women haven't followed me in here." Hit songs he has written include: "Night Life", "Funny How Time Slips Away", "Hello Walls", "Pretty Paper", and 'Crazy". Nelson has appeared often on TV as a singer and actor. His films include: "The Electric Horseman", "Honeysuckle Rose", "Barborosa", "Songwriter", "Headed Stranger", "Wag the Dog", and "Gone Fishing".

Bob Newhart:  The American actor and stand-up comedian claims to have an uncut monster cock. He said, "I have lived in Milton Berle's shadow for far too long. You ask any woman--including my wife and Susanne Pleshette--and they will tell you that I am hung like a horse. I might look unassuming on the surface, but my 10-inch piece of meat takes a backseat to nobody, especially James Woods." Newhart has appeared in countless TV programs, and had several of his own TV shows, notably "Newhart" from 1982-90. He appears in 13 movies, including "Catch 22", "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever", "In and Out", "Elf", and "Legally Blonde 2".

Wayne Newton:  The American singer and entertainer based in Las Vegas claims to have a monster cock. He said, "Milton stayed at the top because he had both length and girth. That's what I bring to the table as well. Most guys here in Sin City are just banging showgirls, but I feel like my Johnson is too good for them. I am very selective with whom I share The Big Harley." Known as "Mr. Las Vegas", he has appeared often on TV and in Hollywood movies such as "License to Kill", "Ocean's Eleven", "Who's your Daddy?", and "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation". His biggest hit songs include "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast", "Years", and his theme song "Danke Schoen".

David Niven:  The English actor had a huge cock, especially in girth. He is on the list of well hung Hollywood celebrities and his biographer Graham Lord wrote, "The width of his member was something to behold...a penis of that immensity absolutely staggers you." In his autobiography Niven mentions that his cock shrunk with age. He hosted the 1974 Academy Awards show on live TV and Robert Opal streaked naked across the screen. Niven deadpanned, "Probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings." (In fact Opal was hung like a horse and ran a porn store in LA where he was murdered.) When Niven was filming "The Pink Panther" in the Italian Alps, his cock became frostbitten. He was advised to soak it in alcohol, so he retired to the restroom with a glass of whiskey. Another guy asked him about it, and Niven replied, "I always give it a drink now and then." In his film "The Statue" he plays a famous linguist whose artist wife sculpts a nude statue of him with a monster cock. Niven often appeared on TV and made 97 major Hollywood movies. He won an Oscar for "Separate Tables".

Ted Nugent:  The very conservative rock star has a huge cock, definitely more than 10 inches long. He always has an enormous bulge, sometimes showing the outline of his cock, and claims he always plays guitar with a hard-on. Two of his biggest hits are "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Wango Tango".

Rudolf Nuryev:  The Russian ballet star is said to have had a 9 inch uncut cock. He was notoriously impulsive, impatient, reclusive, but loyal and generous to his friends. Nuryev was homosexual and frequented gay bath houses in NYC. He appears in films such as "Les Sylphides" and played Ruldolph Valentino in Ken Russel's "Valentino".

Dennis O'Keefe:  The American comic and actor had a 9 inch cock. Originally Edward "Bud" Flanagan, he worked in vaudeville, many films, and had his own TV sitcom in 1959-1960. He appears in "T Men", "The Leopard Man", "Topper Returns", "Brewster's Millions", "Drums of Tahiti", and others.

Aristotle Onasis:  The Greek billionaire had a monster cock and was proud to prove it to reporters. He called his dick, "the secret of my success" and truly believed that man's fate was determined by cock size. It was 10 1/2 inches long and over 7 inches around, veiny with an abundance of foreskin. On his yacht his bar stools were covered with whale penis skin, and he enjoyed telling guests they were sitting on the the biggest dick in the world. Onasis was one of the richest shipping magnates of the 20th century and was bisexual.

Austin Peck:  The American TV soap opera actor has a "quite large" cock, about 8 1/2 inches long, cut with big balls. He is best known for his role as Austin Reed in "The Days of Our Lives". Peck now plays Brad Snyder in another soap opera "As the World Turns". His latest movie is "Dating Games People Play" and he has appeared in "Playgirl" magazine twice.

Sean Penn:  The American actor and director is well known in Hollywood for having a thick cock over 10 inches long. What do you expect from the former husband of size queen Madonna? He directed 4 movies, appears in 49, and hates corporate Hollywood. He won an Oscar and Golden Globe award for "Mystic River", Best Actor award at the Berlin Film Festival for "Dead Man Walking", Best Actor award at Cannes for "She's So Lovely", and Best Actor awards at the Venice Film Festival for "21 Grams" and "Hurly Burly".

Vincent Perez:  The Swiss actor is known as "Donkey Dick". In the film "Queen Margot" he is having sex with Isabelle Adjani, and when he gets up he has a huge erection. It then cuts to him fully nude and his flaccid uncut cock is very impressive. He has appeared on TV and his many movies include "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Snow and Fire", "Indochine", "Time Regained", "Love Bites", "The Pharmicist", and "The Apocalyse Code".

Philip the Arab:  Philip or Philippus Arabs (c. 204 – 249) was Roman Emperor from 244 to 249 A.D.  He was born in present day Syria of Roman parents, became a soldier and went on to become a major figure in the Roman Empire.  Philip was well known for having literally fucked his way to the pinnacle of imperial power with the use of his colossal cock.  He had such an enormous cock that he legally changed his name to "Emperor Philip the Arabian Horse" because his soldiers noticed that when he was a cavalryman, he was more hung than his own Arabian horse, the most hung of horse breeds.  His cock was documented to be 16.5 inches long plus foreskin overhang.  However, as Emperor he was in charge of the "documentation".  Probably he was the Roman equivalent of porn star Tony Duncan, "Mr. 18 inches".  It supposedly took three men to masturbate him with six hands as he reclined and jerked off before the Senate to intimidate the Senators.  Philip only allowed soldiers of 13+ inches to be within his Praetorian Guard, the elite group of soldiers responsible for preventing the Emperor from being assassinated.  When a Senator who wanted a slightly less hung soldier he liked to be selected, he asked why the strict size standard.  Philip explained that it was because he made them have sex as he watched every night during his supper, while being jerked off by his 3 masturbators.  Philip referred to it as "Greco-style dining, with a show".  His 3 masturbators held hands and jumped off a cliff called "The Tiberius Jump" when Philip was ousted and killed, so they could "masturbate and worship his cock in the afterlife".  Roman soldiers were selectively bred for over 900 years until their cocks were enormous so they would be revered as gods.  The reason was 65% of the empire's money was spent on military conquering of lands.  Taxpayers would never see the land, so the cock god factor cleverly placed the soldiers into a god-like category. 

Iggy Pop:  The American rock star legend claims to have a cock 11 inches long and 7 1/2 inches around. He says he thinks about it all the time. In a video of a live concert in Paris with an audience of thousands, during 2 songs Iggy drops his jeans and displays a cock that is over 8 inches long SOFT. Interestingly, his internet photos are not very impressive, so don't judge celebrity cocks only by photos. Sometimes I think they are photoshopped to make the cocks look smaller! In his autobiography "I Need More" Iggy explains that he avoided the military draft by standing in line for a medical examination completely nude and playing with his cock until he had a huge hard-on. He was disqualified, of course. Basically Iggy created Punk rock years before it existed and is one of rock's best live performers, the inventor of stage diving. One witness at a concert said, "He put his dick on the speaker. It was just vibrating around." His real name is James Newell Osterberg, Jr. and his best known solo songs include: "Lust for Life", "I'm Bored", "Real Wild Child", "Candy", and "The Passenger". A film about Iggy titled "The Passenger" is currently in production.

Walter Pidgeon:  The dignified actor, star of "Forbidden Planet", was reputed to have had "one of the biggest cocks in Hollywood". He encouraged the rumor, and was a close "friend" of size queen Mae West. Pidgeon appears in "The Last Time I saw Paris", "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "Funny Girl", and many other major MGM movies.

Jason Priestley:  The Hollywood actor and director has a notoriously huge cock, 10 inches long. In the film "Die, Momie, Die!", Jason plays Tony Parker, a character with a huge dick. In two scenes he grabs his crotch as he sits down, and in another scene he tries to entice a teenager (who happens to be naked) to give him some info by telling him "You can see I go for you in a BIG way", as he walks up closer to him. His legs and ass are shown from the rear and the kid reaches out for his cock, but the camera switches to his front below the waist as he opens his belt, unzips his fly and spreads it wide. In "Calendar Girl" Priestley's skinny dipping scene had to be touched up with computers because his huge cock could not be hidden with camera angles. In the sexy sitcom "Call me Fitz" Priestly plays over-sexed and well hung Richard Fitzpatrick.  He says, "Dreams are of my dick.  All 9 inches of it." He has appeared often on TV and has made 29 movies, including "Tombstone", "Coldblooded", "Hacks", "Zigs", and "Cherish".

Louis Prima:  The Italian-American singer, songwriter, and actor had a cock 12 1/2 inches long and 6 1/2 inches around. It was measured precisely and he bragged to everybody. Prima was "King of the Swingers" and changed from Jazz to Swing to Big Band to Pop-Rock. He recorded the definitive version of "Just a Gigolo".

Alexander Pushkin:  The greatest Russian poet, part black, had a reputation in St. Petersburg literary circles for being very well endowed. Pushkin was the founder of modern Russian literature, a Romantic, pioneered vernacular speech in his poems and plays, committed to social reform, and was the spokesman for literary radicals.

Don Quine:  The former TV star of "The Virginian" has a 10 inch cock. He now writes screenplays and teaches karate. Most of his roles were for TV movies and shows such as "The Fugitive", "Peyton Place", "Rawhide", and "Dr. Kildare".

Anthony Quinn:  One of his lovers said of the Oscar-winning Mexican-American actor: "There was simply too much of Tony." Another ex-lover wrote: "Tony's cock was at least a foot long, very thick and gorgeous-looking. He let me measure it, and then he fucked my brains out." Quinn had a remarkable amount of foreskin and believed that everyone was bisexual so it was beneficial to experiment with men. He was also a painter and writer and won Oscars for "Viva Zapata!" and "Lust for Life".

George Raft:  The actor was a gigolo in NYC before moving to Hollywood. He had an extremely huge cock, over 12 inches long. Starting as a dancer on Broadway, he became a star in Hollywood with the film "Scarface". He turned down "Casablanca", "Maltese Falcon", and other classics. His other films include: "Invisible Stripes" (with Humphrey Bogart), "Rogue Cop", "Some Like it Hot", "Night after Night", "Bolero", "Souls at Sea" (with Gary Cooper), "Spawn of the North", and "Manpower". He was a stylish dresser with a ganster image, and was a close friend of top organized crime figures. James Cagney wrote that Raft saved his life by using his influence when the mafia tried to infiltrate Hollywood. Tallulah Bankhead nearly died from complications of gonorrhea (the clap) she claimed she got from Raft. She told her doctor, "Don't think this has taught me a lesson!"

Grigori Rasputin:  The "Mad Monk of Russia" had a 12 3/4 inch uncut cock. He practiced a strange mixture of religion and sex, and was very promiscuous. When his wife was asked if his unfaithfulness bothered her she replied, "No, Grigori has enough cock for all of them." The mystic influenced Tsar Nicholas II and Tsaritsa Alexandra and he may have been a factor in the fall of the Romanov dynasty in 1917. Rasputin was murdered, and his cock was cut off.  In 1968 Paris, an elderly White Russian female emigrĂ©, a former lover of Rasputin, kept a polished wooden box, 18 inches by 6 inches on top of her bedroom bureau.  Inside the box lay Rasputin’s penis. It "looked like a blackened, overripe banana, about a foot long, and resting on a velvet cloth" reported biographer Patte Barham.  In life Rasputin’s daughter Maria said it measured 13 inches when fully erect.  There was a protuberance at its base to stimulate the clitoris of his partners, probably a version of "la perla" used for clitoral stimulation.  The cock was sold to the Russian Museum of Erotica in St. Petersburg where it now floats in a bottle of formaldehyde.

Dan Rather:  The respected American TV journalist is very well hung. One lover commented, "He was HUGE." A reliable source said, "He is as hung as he is handsome and intelligent." Rather was anchor for the "CBS Evening News" for 24 years.

Aldo Ray:  The Italian-American actor had an extra large uncut cock. His husky good looks and raspy voice made him perfect for tough sexy roles. He appears in 27 movies, including "We're No Angels", "Nightfall", "God's Little Acre", "The Naked and the Dead", "Riot on Sunset Strip", "The Green Berets", and "Shooter". When his Hollywood career waned, he appeared in the porn movie "Sweet Savage" in a non-sexual role. His last film was the campy "Shock 'Em Dead" with Traci Lords and Troy Donahue.

Christopher Reeve:  The star of four "Superman" movies had a giant cock. He had to be fitted with a swimmer's cup to conceal the huge bulge for the movies. Before this, they had a continuity problem editing the film, because his cock would be hanging down the left leg, then suddenly be hanging down the right leg, then back again.

Steve Reeves:  The former Mr. Universe, the actor famous for playing Hercules, had an enormous uncut cock that "swung back and forth like the trunk of an elephant when he walked." He made 17 movies, then retired to raise horses (what else?) in California. Reeves turned down many roles, including James Bond 007 in "Dr. No" and the lead in "A Fistful of Dollars". Instead he chose films such as "The Last Days of Pomeii", "The Thief of Bagdad", "The Avenger", "The Slave", "The Trojan Horse", and "Morgan the Pirate".  Below is a clip from "The Giant of Marathon" (1960) in which Reeves plays Philippides, a marathoner on a horse who fights off Persians invading Greece.  The movie starts off very sexy with nude statues with cocks, many muscular men, and lots of big crotch shots.  It's just a tease, because after a few minutes the film degenerates into a mediocre sword and sandals drama with no more sexy scenes. 


Paul Reubens:  The American actor, writer, and comedian best known as Pee-wee Herman has a huge cock. "Very well endowed" one friend says. He is gay, very promiscuous, used to date John Paragon (Jambi the Genie on TV's "Pee-wee's Playhouse"), and likes college age guys. Reubens appears in the films "Big Top Pee Wee", "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", "Batman Returns", and others. "Pee Wee's Playhouse: The Movie" will be released eventually.

Harry Ritz:  He was a member of the Ritz Brothers comedy team with his brothers Al and Jimmy.  They were compared to the Marx Brothrs and had considerable success in movies such as "Hotel Anchovy", "Sing, Baby, Sing", "One in a Million", "On the Avenue", "You Can't Have Everything", "Life Begins in College", "The Goldwyn Follies", "Kentucky Moonshine", "Straight Place and Show", and "The Three Musketeers".  Harry Ritz along with his friends Milton Berle and Forrest Tucker founded "The Long Schlong Club of Bel Air".  The standing rule of the club was that one must be hung at least 10 inches to join.  One can't help wondering about the cock size of Harry's brothers Al and Jimmy.

Tim Robbins:  The American actor, screenwriter, director, musician, and producer is said to have one of the biggest cocks in Hollywood, in the 12 inch long range. One observer reports there was a "huge bulge snaking down Tim's left pant leg." He appears in 39 films, and won an Oscar and Golden Globe award for "Mystic River", and a Best Actor award at Cannes for "The Player". His other films include "Top Gun", "Tapeheads", "Bull Durham", "I.Q", "Cradle Will Rock", and "Mission to Mars".

John Rocker:  The American former baseball pitcher with the Atlanta Braves has a 12 inch cut cock with a huge mushroom head and huge balls. One witness said, "It was huge! He walked around the locker room completely nude and that massive dick just swinging! He went to sit down on one of the benches in the locker room, and that cock hung over the edge!" He supposedly shoots big loads. Rocker has a reputation as an outspoken bigot, because on his website he disparages gays, blacks, "white trash", and other minorities. Most recently he has formed a "Speak English" campaign.

Billy Rose:  Legendary Broadway producer, writer, lyricist, composer, director, and theater owner Rose had a gigantic monster cock. He married Milton Berle's ex-wife! His real name was William Samuel Rosenberg and one of his minor achievements was World Champion shorthand writer, writing over 200 words per minute forward or backward with either hand! Rose wrote "It's only a Paper Moon" and other famous hit songs.

 Jonathan Ross:  The triple BAFTA-winning English film critic and presenter on radio and TV claims to have a huge cock. He is cut and constantly makes innuendoes about his cock size. Ross also makes subtle comments such as, "I'm EXTREMELY well endowed!" His elder brother Paul has a thick 8 inch cock.

Brandon Routh:  The American actor, star of "Superman Returns" is extremely well endowed. In fact, they had to digitally reduce his crotch bulge in the movie because of complaints that it was too distracting. Says a source, "It's a major issue for the studio. Brandon is extremely well-endowed and they don't want it up on the big screen. We may be forced to erase his package with digital effects." Routh (rhymes with mouth) has appeared on TV and in 8 movies such as "Karla", "Denial", and "The informers". He was cast as Superman mostly because he resembles Christopher Reeve. "Superman: The Man of Steel" is currently in production with Routh.

Porfirio Rubirosa:  The Dominican diplomat, polo player, and race car driver had a monster cock. Truman Capote said it was, "an 11-inch cafe au lait sinker as thick as a man's wrist." One of his lovers said it was over 13 inches long. The 16 inch pepper mill is called a "Rubirosa" in his honor. The international playboy was linked romantically to Dolores Del Rio, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, Kim Novak, Eva Peron, and others. He dallied with his ex-wife Flor (daughter of dictator Trujillo) during his marriage to Doris Duke, and with Zsa Zsa Gabor during his marriage to Barbara Hutton. Kim Novak freaked and ran out of the room when she saw his monster cock. A rich heiress paid him $66,000 per day for his sexual services. He married 5 times and collected many millions of dollars in divorce settlements. Warren Beatty consulted him for his role as a gigolo in "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone". Rubirosa told him, "You're focusing on only the male, the cock. You have to learn to be a great lover. Rule number one: the woman must have had at least one orgasm before you even think of entering her." A new book "Chasing Rubi" reveals that he may have been a secret agent and assassin. Director John Malkovich bought the rights to another book, "The Last Playboy" and Antonio Banderas wants to play the lead.

Bill Russel:  The American retired basketball player has a monster cock. He is said to be the "Milton Berle of the NBA, hung like a Clydesdale". One of his teammates used to win easy $100 bets from guys by proving "Big Bill" had at least 10 inches by inviting them into the locker room to watch Russel emerge from the shower. A sportswriter wrote, "12 inches limp, the biggest I've seen." He is one of the most decorated athletes in sports history. His achievements include 11 NBA championships, a gold medal at the 1956 Olympics, 5 MVP awards, and is considered one of the best NBA players ever.

Antonio Sabato, Jr.:  The Italian born American actor has a 10 inch uncut cock. He first gained attention as an underwear model for Calvin Klein, and is probably best known for his role as Jagger Cates in the TV soap opera "General Hospital".

Jerry Seinfeld:  The American actor, writer and "observational" comedian supposedly has a huge cock. A list of Hollywood celebrities compiled by those in the know states he is "hung like a donkey". In the book "The Mile High Club", written by a flight attendant, Jerry is described as "a very big boy!" by someone who saw it. However, he is modest, and never shows a bulge publicly or in person. He has appeared on TV, especially his own "Seinfeld" show, and in 5 movies including "Comedian" and "Pros and Cons".

Evandro Silveira:  The Brazilian actor and stunt double is handsome, young, and hung 8.3 inches long (21 cm). He is uncut with not much foreskin, and his nude photos are all over the internet. The former cop posed for photos in the November 2004 issue of "G" magazine. He did a brief Rio gay tour titled "A cobra do Evandro" (Evandro's Cobra) but has never done any gay porn. Silveira works in movies, TV, and theater.

Mark Simoneau:  The American football linebacker for the New Orleans Saints has a "huge dick; small nuts; great ass". He was named an All-American and the Big 12 Conference Defensive Player of the Year after the 1999 season.

O. J. Simpson:  The American retired football player, actor, and acquitted murderer has a 10 inch uncut dick. One partner reports, "In 1978 I spent three days at the St. Francis with O. J. The man was incredible! He was a sex machine with an enormous cock! I couldn't walk for a week after that." O.J. has appeared often on TV and in films such as "The Towering Inferno", "Capricorn One", and 2 "Naked Gun" movies.

Frank Sinatra:  The superstar singer and actor had a very huge uncut cock in the 11 to 12 inch range. Marilyn Monroe in a note to her psychiatrist mentioned that Sinatra was unselfish in bed, and of all the men she slept with only Milton Berle was bigger. When filming on location in Africa for "Mogambo", natives showed Ava Gardner their monster cocks. Ava kept commenting, "Nope...not as big as Frank's." She also once said, "There's only ten pounds of Frank, but there's 110 pounds of cock." Frank Sinatra’s valet claims that the crooner had to have his underwear custom-made to accommodate his monster cock.   Sinatra's butler of many years, George Jacobs, in his book "Mr S.", claims that Sinatra's cock was so large he had to tie it to his leg whenever he went out.  Jacobs describes being momentarily stunned the first time he saw Frank naked.  Sinatra recorded countless hit songs, selling over 250 million records, and appears in many major movies. He won an Oscar for "From Here to Eternity".

Slash:  The English-American former guitarist for rock band "Guns N' Roses" is very well endowed. "Huge, you can see the head in the video," says one fan. Many of his friends are reputed to have huge cocks, causing many to wonder if he is a gay or bi size queen. He now plays for "Velvet Revolver" after a feud with Axl Rose. His real name is Saul Hudson.

Rex Smith:  The singer and star of "Pirates of Penzance" has a 9 1/2 inch cock he makes no attempt to conceal backstage or with friends. The TV, stage, and film actor has 5 kids. His TV appearances include "The Love Boat" and "Baywatch" and his 8 films include the lead in "Ballerina and the Blues".

Paul Stanley:  The rock star and rhythm guitarist for "KISS" is said to have a cock 12 inches long and 8 inches around. His real name is Stanley Harvey Eisen and he wrote "Love Gun", "Let's Put the X in Sex", "Detroit Rock City", and other hits for KISS. He is also a record producer, actor, and painter.

Patrick Stewart:  The English actor who plays the pompous captain in TV's "Star Trek TNG" has an 8 inch uncut cock and used to hang out at gay bath houses in LA. Internet photos of him nude are not impressive, and are considered fake. He dropped out of school at age 15, but probably because of his pretentious acting roles is Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield in the U.K. His films include: "Dune", "Excalibur", "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", 3 "X-Men" movies, and 4 "Star Trek" movies.

Johnny Stompanato:  The Italian-American marine who became a bodyguard for gangster Mickey Cohen, had a cock 12 inches long. Movie star Lana Turner was his girlfriend, and when she lost the "Best Actress" award said it was OK because she had a live one at home. Oscars are 12 inches tall, and "Oscar" was his nickname. Johnny was murdered in 1958 by Lana, but she got away with it because her daughter claimed in court she did it to save her mother. Keanu Reeves (with his average size cock) will play Stompanato in a forthcoming movie about him.

Donald Sutherland:  The Hollywood actor has a 9 inch uncut cock.  In his film "Space Cowboys" there is a scene where all the men astronauts have a shower and while drying off they are very impressed by Sutherland's extra large cock. Art imitating life.  Sutherland's film career has spanned over 50 years and he appears in "The Dirty Dozen", "M*A*S*H", "Kelly's Heroes", and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". His oversized cock made him a perfect choice to play Giacomo Casanova in "Fellini's Casanova".

David Tennant:  The Scottish actor who plays The Tenth Doctor in the long-running BBC television science fiction series "Doctor Who". He appears in three series as well as eight specials. Tennant also plays the title role in the TV serial Casanova (2005) and as Barty Crouch, Jr., in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) among others. His colleagues claim he has a 10 inch uncut cock.  The Dr Who star revealed why she referred to Timelord David Tennant as David Ten-Inch after joining as his assistant Rose Tyler in 2006.  She lets slip for the first time on The Justin Lee Collins Show tonight on ITV2 that a pal slept with him -- and reported back to her on the size of his manhood.

Jim Thome:  The Major League Baseball designated hitter for the Chicago White Sox is said by many to have the biggest cock in baseball. He is uncut. One source said, "He was almost 13 real inches and very thick". His wife says he has 13 inches. A witness said, "Absolutely huge, caught myself staring. Thick from head to base. His cock looks like a baby's arm hanging there." Another said, "It was the biggest cock I had ever seen, both fat and long, and it wasn't even hard. Almost a freak of nature." Thome has quite a bulge in uniform, probably too big to wear a jock strap or protective cup. On "Jim Thome Bobblehead Day" September 16, 2007, he hit his 500th career home run, a walk off winner--the only player in history to accomplish that feat.

Marshal Tito:  The dictator of Yugoslavia was "notoriously well-endowed". One of Tito's enemies spread rumors that he was castrated and wore women's underwear. Tito attended a meeting of military leaders wearing a skimpy bathing suit that revealed his huge cock. He said, "Will you please ask the captain why he thinks I am a lesbian?" Josip Broz Tito was the leader of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1945 until 1980.

Franchot Tone:  The American comedian and actor had a monster cock. His wife Joan Crawford (a notorious size queen) described him as "a ten inch cocksman who compelled his women to pay homage to his shaft before buttfucking them. They don't make them like that anymore." Tone appears in 37 films, including 7 with Crawford. Their last film together was "The Bride Wore Red".

Peter Tork:  The most accomplished musician of the 60's TV pop band "The Monkeys", Tork plays 12 different instruments and has a huge cock. He has appeared on TV in "Boy Meets World", "7th Heaven", and "Wings".

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec:  The great French Post-Impressionist painter had abnormally large genitals and referred to himself as, "a coffeepot with a big spout." He often lived in brothels for weeks at a time and died from complications due to syphilis and alcoholism.

Randy Travis:  The country music star has 8 1/2 inches. Considered a major figure in the history of country music, 16 of his singles have reached Number One on the charts. He appears in 31 films including "Black Dog", "The Rainmaker", "The White River Kid", and "Fire Down Below".

Forrest Tucker:  The Hollywood actor had one of the "thickest, beefiest, and longest" cocks of all. "Tuck" was over 8 inches soft, and 11 to 12 inches long when hard.  The outline of his heavy and swinging cock is clearly visible in the movie "Auntie Mame", in the scene where he is walking his horse (what else?) and wearing jodhpurs after the hunt.  It hangs down his right leg.  You can also see it clearly when he is on the porch with a semi-hard.  In two scenes, one walking behind Mrs. Burnside, Tuck puts his hand in his pocket to hide his cock.  Some viewers believe his cock is hard in the 2 scenes.  Like John Ireland, he freeballed--no underwear.  It's a very good and entertaining movie.

Some of Forrest Tucker's films include: "The Stalkers", "Thunder Run", "A Rare Breed", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "A Real American Hero", "Wackiest Wagon Train in the West", "Auntie Mame", "Chisum", "The Cosmic Monsters", "The Crawling Eye", "The Abominable Snowman", "Pony Express", "Hellfire", and "The Westerner".  He also appears in many TV shows, including: "F Troop", "Channing", "Crunch and Des", "Dusty's Trail", and "Filthy Rich".

* As a guest star in the TV series "Little House On The Prairie" you can see Tuck's cock hanging down his right leg several times.  No cut rim outline, just a big bulge.

* Tuck was sometimes seen by neighbours swimming nude in gay director George Cukor's outdoor swimming pool.  Maybe they were just friends.

* Tuck along with his friends Milton Berle and comedian Harry Ritz founded "The Long Schlong Club of Bel Air".  The standing rule of the club was that one must be hung at least 10 inches to join.

* Tuck primarily went to the Lakeside Gold Club to play golf, which he did every day.  He had a few drinks on the course - Lakeside has that bar on the ninth hole - and then went into the clubhouse and had six or eight more with lunch.  After lunch came a massage in the locker room.  He soon fell asleep on the table, which is not hard to do after eighteen holes of golf and eight or ten scotches.  The masseur covered his naked midsection with a towel.  Then the parade began.  Members with guests, especially with out-of-town guests, never failed to visit the sleeping Tuck.  There was the lifting of the towel, and a lot of "oohs" and "ahs", not to mention looks of envy.

* Forrest Tucker told this story to Mamie Van Doren:
Tuck and another actor were drinking at a famous Hollywood watering hole back in the 1940's. Everyone got pretty well oiled and there was considerable bragging about cock size. The argument got more serious, and by closing time money started getting thrown on the bar and a large bet was made. The bartender came up with a ruler and the contestants unzipped to settle the matter then and there. "I pulled mine out, Mamie," Forrest told her, "And it was between eleven and twelve. I thought I had the bet won! Then this guy who could not have been more than five feet three or four hauled his out..."
He paused for effect. "And? And?" Mamie asked.
"And it hung over the end!"
"Who was it, Forrest?" she asked.
He grinned. "Never underestimate those short guys. It was George Raft."

Blair Underwood:  The American TV and film actor is very well enowed. A witness describes his genitals as "long and pretty wide, uncut. Average balls." Underwood appears in "Malibu's Most Wanted", "Full Frontal", "Rules of Engagement", and "City of Angels". He won an NAACP award, and "People" magazine named him one of the "Sexiest Men Alive".

Rudy Vallee:  The American singer, actor, and bandleader had a monster cock. Late in life he revealed in an interview that he had a mega dick as well as a megaphone. The popular crooner was the Elvis of the 1920's, 30's, and 40's--the first mass media pop star. His hit songs include "Marie', "Honey", "Weary River", and "Stein Song". He appears in over 50 movies, including "Sweet Music", "My Dear Secretary", "The Helen Morgan Story", and "Slashed Dreams".

Wilmer Valderrama:  The American actor bragged on the Howard Stern show that he has a huge cock. He said it is "a little over 8 1/2 inches". Best known as Fez in the TV sitcom "That '70's Show", he has also appeared in 3 other TV shows and 11 movies. Valderrama usually fills his jeans with a well defined bulge and in "Summer Catch" there is a nice bulge in his pajamas. His other films include "Party Monster", "The Condor", 'Beauty Shop", and "El Muerto". In the upcoming movie "Chips" he will play Frank Poncherello.

Ricardo Villani:  The handsome Brazilian actor and model is very well endowed. His nude photos are all over the internet, and he is about 9 inches long and 6 inches around. Very nice ass. His nude photos were published in "G" magazine and he is on the cover of the April 2006 edition. Villani works mostly in TV roles in South America.

Robert Pershing Wadlow:  The American celebrity was the tallest person in history and most probably had the largest cock in history. He was born in Alton, Illinois on February 22, 1918 and died at age 22 on July 15, 1940. Wadlow never stopped growing due to hypertrophy of his pituitary gland which resulted in an abnormally high level of human growth hormone. He never stopped growing until his death, at which time he was 8 foot 11 inches tall and weighed 485 pounds . Wadlow toured with the Ringling Brothers Circus and made public appearances. His growth was mostly limited by his bones, but his cock had no such limitation. There is a photo supposedly of him naked on the internet. His cock is extremely enormous but the photo is probably a morphed fake. It looks like a handsome sexy version of him, but it looks like it's from the 1950's. There are quite a few photos of Wadlow that clearly show the outline of his cock. This was surely an unadvertised attraction for his fans, and it is also very obvious that his cock was so gigantic that there was no way to contain it, so it hung down his trouser leg. In this era it was common for extremely well endowed men to display their cocks for about 3 minutes of gawking time for a high price at fairs, carnivals, and circuses. At his autopsy they weighed his cock and it was 7 pounds. Cocks are not measured by weight, but to give you an idea of the size, one beef frankfurter hot dog weighs 45 grams. It is 5 inches long and ¾ inches in diameter. It takes 10 hot dogs to make a pound. Also Italian law regulating the production of salami "alla cacciatore" sets the rules for its dimensions. Each "salamino" should not be more than 2.4 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length, with a maximum weight of 11.6 oz. Robert Wadlaw's flaccid cock weighed 7 pounds! Just imagine the size. Wadlow has been immortalized in many songs such as the 1998 "The Giant of Illinois" by the Handsome Family and "The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders" by Sufjan Stevens in 2005.

Robert Wagner:  One witness shared a urinal with the Hollywood star and states that his cock was 8 to 9 inches long SOFT. Wagner had asked if he could share the urinal, then thanked him. The witness said, "It looked like a sausage hanging out of his trousers." Wagner has appeared in countless film and TV productions, most recently as Number Two in the "Austin Powers" trilogy.

Clint Walker:  The American actor had a cock almost 10 inches long. He is best known as Cheyenne Bodie in the TV series "Cheyenne". He also starred in "The Dirty Dozen" and was said to be "a great lover".

Burt Ward:  The former actor who played Robin in the 1960's "Batman" TV show has a very huge cock. He writes, "If you look at our show, you'll see that we always stood with our legs open, our fists on hips, and our bat bulges forward, which had a profound effect on women!" There were many complaints about Robin's huge bulge, so the studio doctor gave him drugs to make his cock smaller. If you want to see his real bulge, watch the early episodes. The early episodes had "Zap! Pow!" superimposed over the action. Then they switched to colored signs with "Zap! Pow!" to save money. Ward married a wealthy woman and retired from show biz.

Grant Warner:  The Australian actor has a monster cock. Bulgereport on the internet lists him as "Certified HUGE. So big it freaks the girls out. Easily 10 to 12 inches. Unbelievable in speedos." Girls he has been with claim he has 12 to 13 inches and he has a reputation as a "big boy". Warner is based in Sydney and acts on stage and also in movies.

John Warner:  The American senator from Virginia and former Secretary of the Navy has a monster cock. His former wife Liz Taylor once asked a sales clerk in a posh Rodeo Drive boutique for underwear with an extra large pouch for her heavily hung husband.

Andrew Lloyd Webber:  The successful English composer of musical theater is "very well endowed" according to his ex-wife. She was asked on the Jonathan Ross TV show what she saw in him. She replied, "He had a big dick." When Graham Norton said it must have been like "being with the ugliest kid on the playground", she responded, "Yeah, but with the biggest Willie." Sarah Brightman dated Andrew, and said on TV he is "amazingly well endowed". Sir ALW, Baron Lloyd-Webber is said to be a cross-dresser.

Johnny Weismuller:  The American swimmer and actor, best known for playing Tarzan in 12 films, was very well endowed and uncut. He won 5 Olympic gold medals for swimming and set 67 world records. Champion swimmer and movie star Esther Williams wrote in her autobiography that he would show his very "impressive endowment" to any and all when she worked with him. Maureen O'Sullivan who played Jane said in an interview, "It was always falling out of his loincloth." Actress Mildred Shay wrote, "How Johnny's manhood was tamed behind that tiny wee loincloth contradicts the laws of nature."

Darnell Williams:  The American soap opera actor (born in London) is very well endowed. A witness reports: "While in the steam room at the Ballys in Hollywood, I noticed that Darnell Williams was also in there. Wow! The man is huge. He must have been 6 inches soft. His balls were rather large too. I also remember that he was a nice guy." Williams is best known for the role of Jesse Hubbard in TV's "All of My Children". He now works as a director and acting coach for the show.

James Woods:  The film, stage, and TV actor has a 10 inch cock. He is proud of it. On the Howard Stern show he was asked, "James, is it so big that when you get aroused you get lightheaded?" Woods replied, "Howard, when I get aroused YOU get lightheaded." Woods also said, "I have great respect for Mr. Berle, but now that he is no longer living, I am not ashamed to tell the world that I have an enormous tallywacker. I think it's important for the world to know that I am gifted and proud of it." He is best known for playing Jake Wise in the film "Against All Odds".  Ever since Woods appeared full-frontal nude in "Curse of the Starving Class" and "The Onion Field", he has been famous for being well endowed. When "Videodrome" was filmed by David Cronenberg, Woods was notorious for trying to distract his female costars with his hard-ons during scenes (and off camera). Cronenberg was quite amused and made some wisecrack about how Jimmy was "a walking hard-on". Madonna says he has a big dick.

Chuck Yeager:  The first man to break the sound barrier has a huge salami hanging down the left leg of his flight suit in many photos and also a TV commercial he did. Yeager was a Brigadier-General and test pilot in the US Air Force with a flying career spanning over 60 years.

Darryl F. Zanuck:  The Oscar-winning Hollywood producer, writer, actor, and director had a 12 inch cock. He cast a lot of actresses on how well they fucked. Many starlets were auditioned by Zanuck unzipping his fly, plopping his foot-long dick on his desk, and commanding them to "suck it". Zanuck was an owner and vice-president of Twentieth Century-Fox studios and was a major force in the Hollywood studio system.

LIST of celebrities who are rumoured to be well endowed. There is no evidence, no confirmation, so they are not included in this Guide. These lists are compiled from other lists created by others, not the Lone Wolf:

Ben Affleck
Muhammad Ali
Phil Anselmo
Max Baer, Sr.
Scott Bakula
Eric Bana
Michael Bay
Ed Begley, Jr.
Hugh Beaumont
Robbie Benson
Clint Black
Raymond Burr
James Caan
Nicholas Cage
Jerry Cantell
Johnny Carson
Joey Castillo
Andrew Dice Clay
George Clooney
Leonard Cohen
Anderson Cooper
Fred Coury
Jim Croce
Taye Digg
Matt Dillon
Colby Donaldson
Omar Epps
Chad Everett
Colin Farrell
Ray Fiennes
George Forman
James Franco
Brad Garrett
John Glenn
Marjoe Gortner
Ben Graves
Tracii Guns
Arsenio Hall
Sean Hannity
Dr. Hook
Moe Howard
Samuel L. Jackson
Sam J. Jones
Tommy Lee Jones
Buster Keaton
Brian Keith
R. Kelly
Jared Leto
Jerry Lewis
Gordon Lightfoot
Matthew Lillard
Kenny Loggins
Lyle Lovett
Dolph Lundgren
Peter Lupus
Tobey Maguire
Dean Martin
Steve Martin
Groucho Marx
Mark McGrath
Ewan Mcgregor
Freddy Mercury
Dermot Mulroney
Edward Norton
Kieran O'Brien
Joe Pepitone
Mike Piazza
Vincent Price
Lou Reed
Guy Ritchie
Rikki Rockett
Dennis Rodman
Pete Sampras
John Schneider
Bryan Scott
Jimmy Smits
Wesley Snipes
Kevin Spacey
Peter Steele
Shadoe Stevens
Billy Bob Thornton
Mike Tyson
Vanilla Ice
Christopher Walken
Clint Walker
Neil Young
Frank Zappa

LIST of Celebrities who are considered UNCUT:
(This list is reliable)

Hank Aaron, Baseball
Nick Adams, Actor
Cliff Aduddell, Actor
Anders Agenso, Actor
Spiro Agnew, US Vice President
Ahmose II, Pharoah
Prince Albert, (Monacco)
Alan Alda, Actor
Alexander the Great, Leader
Fernando Allende, Actor
Alou: Felipe, Jesus, and Matty, Baseball
Jacques d'Ambroise, Ballet
Benny Anderson, Musician
Morten Anderson, football
Keith Andes, Actor
Mario Andretti, Auto Racer
Paul Anka, Singer
Michael Ansara, Actor
Adam Ant, English Singer
Steve Anthony, TV Host
Serge Aredikian, Actor
Desi Arnez (Jr. & Sr.), Actor/Singer
James Arness, Actor
Eddie Arnold, Singer
Richard Attenborough, Actor
Jean-Hughes Azglade, Actor
Max Baer, Sr., Boxer
Scott Baio, Actor
Lajos Balazsovis, Actor
Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ballet
Alex Bauman, Swimmer
Orson Bean, Actor
Boris Becker, Tennis
Beethoven, Composer
Harry Belafonte, Singer
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Actor
Helmut Berger, Actor
Peter Berlin, Porn film Actor
Ken Berry, Actor
Gary Bettenhausen, Auto Racer
Peter Bjerg, Actor
Michel Blanc, Actor
Dan Blocker, Actor
Vida Blue, Baseball
Bono, Singer
Sonny Bono, Singer
Bjorn Borg, Tennis
Mike Bossy, Hockey
David Bowie, Singer/Actor
Marlon Brando, Actor
Zeke Bratkowski, Football
Peter Bravos, Actor
Rossano Brazzi, Actor
Pierce Brosnan, Actor
Yul Brynner, Actor
Horst Bucholz, Actor
Buddha, Religious Leader
Lord George Byron, Poet
Richard Burton, Actor
Peter Byerg, Actor
Ed Byrnes, Actor
Julius Caesar, Leader
Nicholas Cage, Actor
Andreas Cahling, Bodybuilder
Michael Caine, Actor
Roger Callard, Bodybuilder
Macho Camacho, Boxer
Glen Campbell, Singer
Greg Campbell, Actor
Truman Capote, Writer
Len Carilou, Actor
Kenneth Carr, Singer/Dancer
Johnny Carson, TV Host
Johnny Cash, Singer
Max Caulfield, Actor
Gino Cavallini, Hockey
George Chakiris, Dancer/Actor
Gower Champion, Dancer/Choreographer
Charlie Chaplin, Actor
Graham Chapman, Actor
Ian Charleson, Actor
Nicholas Clay, Actor
Montgomery Cliff, Actor
Charles Coburn, Actor
Michael Cole, Actor
Confucius, Philosopher
Sean Connery, Actor
Chuck Connors, Actor
William Conrad, Actor
Frank Converse, Actor
James Cook, Explorer
Jackie Cooper, Actor/Director
Francis Ford Coppola, Director
Franco Corelli, Opera Singer
Anthony Corian, Actor
Don Correla, Dancer
Bill Cosby, Actor
Tom Courtenay, Actor
Buster Crabbe, Swimmer/Actor
Bob Crane, Actor
Johnny Crawford, Actor
Walter Cronkite, Newscaster
Bing Crosby, Actor/Singer
Dennis Crosby, Actor
Gary Crosby, Actor
Lindsay Crosby, Actor
Phil Crosby, Actor
Jeff Crowe, N.Z. Cricket Captain
Lyndon Crowe, Football
Brandon Cruz, Actor
Macaulay Culkin, Actor
Robert Culp, Actor
Marce Cuningham, Ballet
John Curry, Skating Star
Larry Czonka, Football
William Dafoe, Actor
Roger Daltry, Actor
Phil Daniels, Actor
Tony Danza, Actor
Charles Darwin, Scientist
Anthony Davis, Football
Chip Davis, Pop Composer
Brian Deacon, Actor
Eric Deacon, Actor
James Dean, Actor
Derek DeLint, Actor
Alain Delon, Actor
Jack Dempsey, Boxer
John Denver, Singer
Gerard Depardieu, Actor
Leo DiCaprio, Actor
Christopher Dibbs, Actor
Chris Dickerson, Mr. Olympia
Larry Dickson, Auto Racer
Don & Joe DiMaggio, Baseball
Marcel Dionne, Hockey
Placido Domingo, Singer
Donovan, Musician
Ron Dugway, Hockey
Hugh Downs, TV News Reporter
Robert Draffin, Actor
Jay Dun, Actor
Buddy Ebsen, Actor
Stephen Edburg, Tennis
Duane Eddy, Singer
Vince Edwards, Actor
Andres Eglevsky, Ballet
Carl Eller, Football
Akira Endo, Conductor
John Ericson, Actor
Emilio Estevez, Actor
Erik Estrada, Actor
Jeffrey Etting, Actor
Euripides, Playwright
Al Evans, Actor
Don & Phil Everly, Singers
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Actor
Collin Farrel, Actor
Rainer W. Fassbinder, Director
Freddy Fender, Musician
Lou Ferrigno, Actor
Prince Filipe of Spain
Albert Finney, Actor
George Firth, Actor
Peter Firth, Actor
Bobby Fischer, Chess
Carlton Fisk, Baseball
Zac Foley, Bass Player
George Forbes, Cleveland Council
Terry Forster, Baseball
Tony Franciosa, Actor
Sergio Franchi, Singer
Prince Frederik of Denmark
Richard Fulton, Mayor of Nashville
Egon von Furstenberg, Fashion
Clark Gable, Actor
Patrick Gale, Novelist
Jack Gansert, Ballet
Joe Gargaglola, Sportscaster
John Gavin, Actor
Marvin Gaye, Musician
Ben Gazzara, Actor
Bob Geldorf, Actor
Boy George, Singer
Christopher George, Actor
Vitas Gerualitis, Tennis
Maurice Gibb, Musician
Frank Gifford, Sportscaster
Tony Glavin, Soccer
Paul Goddard, Actor
Alexander Godunov, Ballet/Actor
Jason Goodall, Tennis
Marjoe Gortner, Actor
Robert Goulet, Singer
Marcus Graham, Actor
Stewart Granger, Actor
Peter Graves, Actor
Rupert Graves, Actor
Spalding Gray, Actor
Michael Greer, Actor
Rosey Grier, Football
Andy Griffith, Actor
Emile Griffith, Boxer
Dan Haggerty, Actor
John Hamill, Actor
Richard Harris, Actor
George Harrison, Musician
Rutger Hauer, Actor
Gaylord Hauser, Nutritionist
Richie Havens, Singer
Anders Hedberg, Hockey
Hugh Hefner, Publisher
Jimi Hendrix, Guitarist/Singer
Mike Henneman, Baseball
Keith Hernandez, Baseball
Charlton Heston, Actor
Benny Hill, Comedian/Actor
John Hinson, US. Rep. Mississippi
David Hockney, Pop Artist
Paul Hogan, Actor
Bill Holden, Actor
Earl Holliman, Actor
John Holmes, King of Porn
Anthony Hopkins, Actor
Clint Howard, Actor
Ron Howard, Actor
Geoff Howarth, N.Z. Cricket Captain
Rex Hudler, Baseball
Rock Hudson, Actor
William Hurt, Actor
John Huston, Actor
Billy Idol, Singer
Julio Iglesias, Singer
Slobo Illjevski, Soccer
Jeremy Irons, Actor
Zeljko Ivanck, Actor
Gordon Jackson, Actor
Jesse Jackson, Politician
Mick Jagger, Musician
David Janssen, Actor
Elton John, Singer
Gordon Johncock, Auto Racer
Don Johnson, Actor
Kelly Johnson, Actor
Magic Johnson, Basketball
Christopher Jones, Actor
George Jones, Singer
James Earl Jones, Actor
Tom Jones, Actor
Louis Jourdan, Actor
Kert Kaztner, Actor
Gordon Kaye, Actor
Gene Kelly, Actor
Ted Kennedy Jr., Politician
Robert F. Kennedy, Politician
Jack Kerourac, Writer
Jean Claude Killy, Skier
every King of England before Edward VII
Martin Luther King, Leader
Perry King, Actor
Petr Klima, Hockey
Mark Kostagi, Actor
Jeroen Krabbi, Actor
Jarl Kurri, Hockey
Alan Ladd, Sr, Actor
Guy LaFleur, Hockey
Jack LaLanne, Fitness
Fernando Lamas, Actor
Blain Lamoreaux, Football
Burt Lancaster, Actor
Bill Landrum, Dancer
Sonny Langham, Actor
Redmond Lane, Soccer
Mario Lanza, Opera
Lao Tse, Philospher
Julius LaRosa, Singer
Sir Paul Latham, English Barronett
Bruno Lawrence, Actor
Jocelyn Lemieux, Hockey
Ivan Lendi, Tennis
John Lennon, Musician
Julian Lennon, Musician
Sean Lennon, Musician
Mark Lester, Actor
Daniel Lewis, Conductor
Jerry Lee Lewis, Musician
Liberace, Pianist
Bob Lilly, Football
Bob Lindskog, Hockey
Joe Louis, Boxing
Tony Lo Bianco, Actor
Alen Ludden, TV Host
Ray Lynch, Actor
James MacArthur, Actor
Duncan Macewon, Soccer
Ewan MacGregor, Actor
Freeman MacNeil, Football
George Maharis, Actor
Christopher Malavoy, Actor
Nick Mancusco, Actor
Hugo Manson, N.Z. TV
Diego Maradona, Soccer
Ed Marinaro, Actor
Monte Markham, Actor
Dean Martin, Sr, Actor/Singer
Edgar Marinez, Baseball
Peter Martins, Ballet
Lee Marvin, Actor
William Mather, Actor
Johnny Mathis, Singer
Victor Mature, Actor
Armistead Maupin, Actor
John Mayall, Musician
Mike Mazursky, Wrestler
Paul McCartney, Musician
Roger McCluskey, Auto Racing
Roddy McDowall, Actor
Malcom McDowell, Actor
Greg McGee, Playwright
Kerry McKay, Actor
Ian McKellan, Actor
Rod McKuen, Poet
Ed McMahon, TV Host
Vaughn Meader, Comedian
Zubin Mehta, Conductor
John Meredith, Football
Vittorio Mezzoglorno, Actor
Michaelangelo, Artist
Kim Milford, Actor
Henry Miller, Author
Martin Milner, Actor
Sal Mineo, Actor
Michael Minor, Art Director
Ricardo Montalban, Actor
Keith Moon, Musician
Dudley Moore, Actor
Jaimie Moreno, Actor
Greg Morris, Actor
Jim Morris, Bodybuilder
Morrissey, Musician
Audie Murphy, Actor
Eddie Murphy, Actor
John Nagy, Baseball
Ilie Nastase, Tennis
Ramon Navarro, Actor
Christopher Neame, British TV
Vaclov Nedomansky, Hockey
Ken Nelson, Actor
Bob Newhart, Actor/Comedian
Bob Neyland, Athletic Director
St. Nicholas, Santa Claus
Nijinsky, Ballet
Ulf Nilsson, Hockey
John Noakes, English TV Host
Nick Nolte, Actor
Peter Noone, Musician
Wayne Northrop, Actor
Rudolf Nureyev, Ballet
Hugh O'Brian, Actor
Aristotle Onassis, Shipping magnate
Peter O'Toole, Actor
Tony Orlando, Singer
Bob Packwood, Senator Oregon
Jack Palance, Actor
Dennis Parker, Actor
Jack Parr, TV Host
Luciano Pavarotti, Opera
Tony Pearson, Bodybuilder
Pele, NY Cosmos Soccer
Meeno Peluce, Actor
Joe Pepitone, Baseball
Rodimes Pera, Actor
Njego Pesa, Soccer
Richard Petty, Auto Racer
Kenneth Phillips, Actor
River Phoenix, Actor
Michel Piccoli, Actor
Federico Pitzalis, Actor
Plato, Philosopher
Jim Plunkett, Football
Deni Ponty, Artist
Iggy Pop, Musician
Denis Potvin, Hockey
Elvis Presley, Singer
Robert Preston, Actor
Vincent Price, Actor
Charles Pride, Singer
Prince, Musician
Andrew Prine, Actor
Vladimir Putin, Leader
Aidian Quinn, Actor
Anthony Quinn, Actor
Raymond Radiguest, Novelist
Jerome Ragni, Actor
Grigori Rasputin, Mystic
Aldo Ray, Actor
Johnnie Ray, Singer
Ronald Reagan, US President
Jerry Reed, Actor/Singer
Oliver Reed, Actor
Richard Reed, Ballet
Keanu Reeves, Actor
Steve Reeves, Mr. Universe/Actor
Lance Rentzel, Football
Burt Reynolds, Actor
Cliff Richard, Singer
Little Richard, Singer
Keith Richards, Musician
Phil Rizzuto, NY Yankees
Cliff Robertson, Actor
Dominique Rocheteau, French football
Monti Rock III, Singer
Morien Rolhaeuser, Football
Mickey Rooney, Actor
Carl Rose, Soccer
Leonard Rossiter, English TV
Paul Rudd, Actor
Paul Sand, Actor
Ray Sawyer, Musician
Steve Sax, Baseball
John Saxon, Actor
William Shakespeare, Playwright
Maximillian Schell, Actor
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor
Simon Scuddamore, Actor
Chuck Seelback, Baseball
David Selby, Actor
Tom Selleck, Actor
Stan Shaw, Actor
Reid Shelton, Actor
Philip Sherry, N.Z. TV
Frank Sinatra, Singer
Dick Smothers, Entertainer
Tommy Smothers, Entertainer
Tom Snyder, TV Host
Socrates, Philosopher
Sophocles, Playwright
Terence Stamp, Actor
Piotr Stanislas, Actor
Ringo Starr, Musician
Ross Stephens, N.Z. TV
Rod Stewart, Singer
Sting, Singer
Todd Stottlemyre, Baseball
Donald Sutherland, Actor
Jim Swink, Football
Mr. T, Actor
Tony Tanner, Actor
Miles Taylor, Actor
Robert Taylor, Actor
Rod Taylor, Actor
Steve Tesich, Writer
Fabio Testi, Actor
Mickey Tettleton, Baseball
Jim Thome, Baseball
Alan Trammel, Baseball
Dan Travanti, Actor
Alex Trebek, TV Personality
Harry Truman, US President
Ike Turner, Musician
John Turner, PM Canada
Bjorn Ulvaeus, Musician
Al Unser, Auto Racer
Bobby Unser, Auto Racer
Rudolph Valentino, Actor
Fernando Valenzuela, Baseball
Raf Vallone, Actor
Dick Van Dyke, Actor
Alex Van Halen, Musician
Eddie Van Halen, Musician
Brahm Van Zetten, Actor
Robert Vaughn, Actor
Sid Vicious, Musician
Guillermo Vilas, Tennis
Bobby Vinton, Singer
Giff Vivian, N.Z. Cricketeer
Nikolas Vogel, Actor
Mendel Vysohlid, hockey
Lyle Waggoner, Actor
Charlie Wagner, Baseball
Herschel Walker, Football
Roger Ward, Actor
Andy Warhol, Artist
Richard Warwick, Actor
George Washington, US President
John Waters, Actor
Dennis Weaver, Actor
Johnny Weismuller, Swimmer/Actor
Lou Whitaker, Baseball
Mats Willander, Tennis
Prince William, England
Andy Williams, Singer
Ted Williams, Baseball
Flip Wilson, Comedian
Pete Wilson, Senator California
Carl Yarborough, Auto Racer
Steve Yeager, Baseball
Michael York, Actor
Igor Youskevitch, Ballet
Yuki, Fashion Designer
Frank Zappa, Musician

LIST of Celebrities considered CUT:
(this "cut" list is not very reliable)

Willie Aames, Actor
Muhammad Ali, Boxer
Peter Allen, Songwriter
Woody Allen, Comedian
Greg Allman, Musician
Herb Alpert, Musician
Morey Amsterdam, Actor
Prince Andrew, England
Alan Arkin, Actor/Director
Robert Arthur, Actor
Ed Asner, Actor
Christopher Atkins, Actor
Martin Balsam, Actor
Gene Barry, Actor
Alan Bates, Actor
Warren Beatty, Actor/Director
Maenachem Begin, Politician
Richard Benjamin, Actor
Tony Bennett, Singer
Jack Benny, Comedian
Robby Benson, Actor/Director
Warren Berlinger, Actor
Theodore Bikel, Actor
Joey Bishop, Actor
Robert Blake, Actor
Michael Blodgett, Actor
Pat Boone, Singer
Joseph Bottoms, Actor
Sam Bottoms, Actor
Peter Boyle, Actor
Ray Bradbury, Writer
Scott Brady, Actor
Beau Bridges, Actor
Jeff Bridges, Actor
Charles Bronson, Actor
Mel Brooks, Actor/Director
Jerry Brown, California Governor
Lenny Bruce, Comedian
Art Buchwald, Writer
Raymond Burr, Actor
Red Button, Actor
James Caan, Actor
Rory Calhoun, Actor
David Canary, Actor
Eddie Cantor, Singer/Actor
Jimmy Carter, US President
James Coburn, Actor
Alice Cooper, Musician
Gary Cooper, Actor
Troy Donahue, Actor
Kirk Douglas, Actor
Bob Dylan, Musician
Prince Edward, England
Kevin Elster, Baseball
Scott Erickson, Baseball
Chuck Finley, Baseball
Peter Fonda, Actor
Glenn Ford, Actor
Kind George V, England
Cary Grant, Actor
Al Kaline, Golf
Abdul-Jabbar Kareem, Basketball
John F. Kennedy, Leader
Jerry Lewis, Comedian/Actor
Paul Lynde, Comedian/Actor
Tino Martinez, Baseball
Roger Moore, Actor
David Nelson, Actor
Rick Nelson, Musician
Leonard Nimoy, Actor
Phil Ochs, Musician
Troy Percival, Baseball
Joey Ramone, Musician
Edward G. Robinson, Actor
William Shatner, Actor
Stephen Sondheim, Composer
Dennis Springer, Baseball
Bruce Springsteen, Musician
John Travolta, Actor
Christopher Walken, Actor
John Wayne, Actor
Billy Dee Williams, Actor
Henry Winkler, Actor
Efram Zimbalist, Actor

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